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After my 30th birthday, tat determination in my heart sets to go!  Well... I definitely love it and I do enjoy it.
Sometimes I feel tired after work.  Reali on e verge of droppin e idea of swimming or gym.  Bt manage to push myself.  That's of cos good bt am I pushin myself too hard?  Will I get injury which I will nv find out until it happens?  Bless my heart and soul.
For mi rite nw, I gym, swim and jog.  This is my exercise regime.  I gym and swim alone.  I jog wif my love one.  What I hope next is swim wif my love one.  He is someone who like hassle free thingy.  Most impt, FOC.  For mi, I follow e trend.  I dun care abt money though I'm stingy.
I also wish to take up tennis again, this time wif him.  It may b dull to jus gym-swim-jog.  I blend this 3 together so tat I won't get sick of it so easily.  Bt wat if I m?  Next alternative will b tennis or badminton.
I hope tat for e next 7 mths till end of 2011, I can spend more time in SG doin sometin I like rather than goin f…

My Personal Top Cheapo Food List

Champion - $1.50 Beehoon without side dishes
2nd Place - $2.00 Fried Rice wif Egg
3rd Place - $2.50 Nasi Lemak

Healthy aka Exercise Babe

When woman reach the age of 25, their metabolism starts to slow down. That is what I know since I'm 24. Before I started dating my current bf, I used to gym, swim, take up kickbox/aerobics classes and once awhile go jogging.  Manage to maintain my weight though I weigh heavier than before. I even go for run like Shape Run, Great Eastern Women Run etc.  But after I started dating, I slack a lot. Initially, I still go gym on Sat before I meet my bf. Den slowly, I stop. V slack. But still take up Shape Run etc.  N I put on even my weight.  N he realise that too.  
Now at e age of 30, I make a comeback. Start of 2011, I give myself some thoughts. I wan to b healthy. I wan to b slim and tone. I wan him to c mi as a hardworking gf and future wife. Not a lazy bum bum!  Someone who can go jogging with him on Sundays and not on his own.
Well well... I feel good now! No more puffing and I feel even more healthy. Going to 3 months since I stop puffing. Well done! I shall not mix with those ex …

Water Babe

I want to call myself a Water Babe.  I love swimming.  I learn swimming since Primary school. Wow... That's a long time.  I love water!  I do scare of water too.  Bcos tsunami can kill lotsa ppl.  Well... I still love water and e deep blue sea.
Last nite, I went swimming straight after work.  Told myself that I shall swim 8 laps.  1 lap is to and fro the pool. I have did it.  And is definitely an encouragement for myself as I will continue to swim for leisure n slimming dw.  My swimming days shall be every Tue, Thurs and Sat.  But my Sat can b either swim or gym or both.  For mi to choose.  Cos I did both once before in a day.  Well... That's when my guy has no time for mi or when we quarrel.  Spendin my time gym n swim in a day is beta than spendin time at hm do nth bt sms him non stop to scold him (when we quarrel).  I think as my age grows, I can think maturely.
He has not accompany mi for the past 5 days as he is busy with renovation works of their company's new office, …

No life

I happen to read back my past posts.  Find that last time my last is so happening.  Study, marathon run, holidays, clubbing.  Nw is what?  Nt happening at all.  I think best is I get back to a happenin life again.  Hmm... When I mit my guy tml, shall ask for his opinion if is it appropriate to go take up my degree course at this point of time where we nit to save up money for our flat, wedding and future.  Oh well.. Money is still not enuff for mi to survive thru the whole 2 yrs if I were to study.  Nit to put some consideration in for good.  Haiz... I doubt today he will mit mi.  Bz e whole day even after his normal working hours.  I have already pack my bag for swimming straight after work.  8 laps.  That's my target today.  Normal laps, 6.

4 days

Hmm... He has been busy with the reno works at his office.  Wah biang! Is confirmed early that today we are not meeting up.  Cos at nite he has works to carry out.  4 days!  Same like last wk.  Haiz... Until e reno works are done, I doubt he gt time for me.  Another way to comfort myself is that we save money.  Save more money for our holidays, our flat and wedding.  Bt I'm bored.  Bt I keep telling myself I'm left with not much of money to survive till next pay day which is next Thurs.  So is best too that I dun go out anyhow.  If nt, I'm gonna be broke.
I'm working this Sat.  Is he gonna accompany mi?  Am I going home after work instead of meeting him straight?  Haiz...  I m not hopeful tat he will meet mi on Fri. 
Everytime rch home, I oso duno wat to do.  I guess for today, I will stick to my schedule.  Shall go swimming.  Must not slack! No way!  If he is nt meetin TOM, I will oso go swimming since Sat I can't do anytin cos I'm workin.
Haiz... Work for money…

My Vesak Day 2011

Great!  I feel good after a workout at gym.  I love it!  E sweat and stickiness is good! Thumbs up.  I must not b lazy animore if I want to slim dw and get healthy.  A healthy lifestyle starts with mi. 
I planned to make fruit salad.  Simple as ABC.  Just need to peel n cut all e fruits and that's it.  My very own fruit salad.  What does it contain?  Green and red apple, orange, kiwi and pineapply, which my mum add to it for more variety.  All e vitamins I get to become a healthy babe!  Gonna rest for e whole afternoon b4 headin out to meet my fren for a chillout session.

Tired days

Well... I started to miss Taipei.  How I wish I'm there for weeks or months.  I love tat place.  No regrets spendin money there.
Now, my next destination is Korea.  I want to go.  Bt I guess is best that frm nw till end of this year, I stop my impulsive travelling.  My job confirmation is Sep 2011. Stage by stage, I shall control myself.  Stop tinkin abt holidays bt most impt goal nw is slim dw till 48kg by end of year.  Hmm... If I am able to do so, I shall treat myself with a pair of my fav Levis jeans.  I hv nv achieve it so tis time I must.  My goal for 2011.
I got lotsa thingy in mind.  I wan to slim dw.  I wan to learn another language and able to converse and write like a native.  I wan to b more active on sports, especially swimming.  I wan to learn tennis, squash and cycling.  I wan to learn cooking.  I wan to get married.
Hahahah... Slowly, I will do it one by one.  Ah! One  more, learn to eat small meals in a healthy way and healthy food.
Wish mi luck!

Polling Day is 7 May 2011

Finally I get to vote tomorrow.
My family and I are voting for Jurong GRC.  Well, it has been contested and that is why I get to vote.
Sad to say, till now I am still not sure who to vote for.
If I vote for the 'Thunder', what will I get?
If I vote for Opposition, what will I get too?
I am sure 'Thunder' will win.  People will tend to vote for Opposition, even knowing that they will not win but to pull the number of votes down from 'Thunder'.
Well, I'm one of them who thinks this way.
But will it affect my future like applying for house, grants, childcare benefits etc?
I'm not married yet but one day I will.  I'm in the midst of applying for my flat.  Gone thru 1st stage and some more stages to go before I get my flat.

Lone Ranger, yet again

I should say that today is yet another beginning for me.  I'm working alone again, like I used to be in my previous company.  Because my Senior resigned, for a better opportunity.  Sigh.  Is good or bad?  New sets of thing to learn.  I'm not sure if I can succeed in this jobscope, but hopefully I can.  Is something different from my previous job.  Some similarity is there but still, I'm learning more than last time.  This is considered good.  But bad thing is, I'm afraid things will go wrong.
Basically, I planned my Taiwan trip last year.  I have already told my new superior about it way early when I joined them in March, or I can say even way back when I was interviewed by them.  Too bad, at the very last minute, my Senior resigned and handover was so rush.  Somemore we shifted office and had to start operation on the following working day. 
Am I at fault?  What have I protray myself to them?  But still, I'm not at fault.  Neither is my Senior.  When opportunity co…