Working with Keppel

Well... Lotsa ppl tink that I am just making a wrong choice by joining them.  But now I am with them for 4 months and still never regret my decision to leave my comfort zone of 4.5years.  I am way better over here despite those irritating tenants giving lotsa stopid, silly complaints. Because everyone in this office will help each other. Not like before, I met selfish, arrogant bad souls who just want to make your life difficult.

My guy is happy for mi that I am happily working over here.  But I am worried for him cos he is not really happy in his company of 11 years.  Well... This is life.

Great thing about working here is got lotsa of events and lunches/dinners that we get to involve. Though June and July are the boring months without Public holidays, but it seems like a eventful month. 

Had a free seafood dinner + 1 way transport to East Coast in a bus.

Coming Monday, a buffet lunch for all the staff because of 100 days accident free job site.  Each staff will get a NTUC voucher.

Next Thurs/Fri, a durian treat with our contractor. Wow... Dun u tink is good?

Most importantly, our pantry in office has FOOD!!!!  Not like last time, my ex company's pantry is only meant for drinks. Tea and coffee under company's expenses but not food. Over here is those basic biscuits we have for a short tea break.

See the difference?

I get to learn more things in a correct way.  I do feel that coming out from my ex-company, I am like a bloody stopid fellow who duno anything when I already worked for 4.5 years.

Okay. Anyway, I shall not think about that anymore. I will just look forward to the rest of the months coming.  It will be a busy August!  I loving it!