1st Treatment with Musee Crystal

I was like... so excited abt this treatment cos I nv hv the courage to sign up with all these beauty salon. Well... Musee Crystal is first. Today is my 1st treatment.

Reach Plaza Sing quite early straight after work. Window shop awhile at Cotton On and nth I fancy. So went up to Musee outlet at Level 4.

Waited for awhile and the consultant came. She scheduled my 2nd appt first before going ahead with my treatment. 6 Sept, same time, same place. Den proceed to the room.

I was asked to change to their spaghetti top only and put all my belongings in the cabinet provided. Den just lie dw there waiting for the start.

She got miii wearing a shade first and asked to lift my hands up. She started with shaving both sides of my underarms. Den apply cold gel on both. Damn cooling... Den started using the beams of lights (I assume tat is IPL). No pain. Seriously. Damn cool. Den she wipe away the gel, cleaning up with a cloth, applying essence den lastly moisturiser. And I'm done!

They are still having that promotion I hv got for myself. You can check out their website at http://www.musee-pla.asia/default.htm

Now I am looking forward to the progress of the treatment. Woohoo...