Food Review | Astons Express, Golden Shoe Market, Clifford Centre

Well... Is a sunny Saturday afternoon. My guy picked miii up at workplace. Actually wanted to head for Arnold's Chicken at City Plaza but he doesn't seems to like it. So sudden thot of Astons. So we head to the one nearest from my workplace at Chinatown. 

This is my guy's Teriyaki Chicken. I nv taste it but he said so-so. U noe what? He had the coleslaw but not the pasta salad. Kaoz... I like it. So we exchange. I had all the pasta salad and he all the coleslaw.

I love mine. Chargrill Chicken... Yummy. I think at Astons, you can get affordable Western food. Imagine u pay just the main course and free side dishes, somemore u choose 2 of them. Good deal? To mi, it is. It costs us only $11.80 for both.

Next stop. My lunch on wkdays. I finally found the $3 Ban Mian at Golden Shoe Market. I think in this area, u can't find anything cheaper than this. Actual price is $2.80 but $0.20 add on for take away. Wahahahah... Ok la. Nt bad. As usual, tasty food is full of MSG!

Another lunchie, Fried fish beehoon soup. Bt this is at Clifford Centre foodcourt. $4.80. Expensive rite? Well... Wat to do? Kind of lazi and so just buy something nearby will do. This is actually wat I want. Without milk, it tastes good too. As usual, MSG lor! Wahahhahah... 

Lastly, I found this at our office pantry. Japan product. Taste good. All my colleagues like the chocolate taste. Small packets in a box. But dun take too much at one go. Gotta drink lots of water. Get what I mean? Kind of dry.

That's about it. More to come.