This is Me!

Today I went to weigh myself and the results below:

Weight: 55.2kg (Before my dinner)
Height: 1.60m
BMI: 21.58kg/m2
My Healthy Weight Range: 47.4 - 58.6kg

Imagine I m so close to 'Unhealthy Range'.  Well I must continue to shred off my fats. Stubborn ones. Arrgh...

Must continue with the following:
  1. No more food after 8pm. After 8pm, only fruits & yoghurt.
  2. At least 2 times a day, 3 sets 20 repetitions of my calves exercise.
  3. Rope skipping daily for 500 repetitions.
  4. Gym-Jog-Swim
I wan to tone up my thighs... THUNDER legs! Wow... No way!!! This coming Shape Run 2011, I must compete with those who r as fat like miii! I must win them!