Lazy Lass

Well... Kind of lazy today. Nv go jog. Duno why. Feel so lethagic. Anyway, what I did was rope skipping and arms toning up.

1000 counts of rope skipping, split 2 session (interval of 10-15mins) to complete. Phew... I sweat like hell.

For every session, 20 counts of arms toning after rope skip.

Tip toe exercise. For my calf. 20 counts, 3 sets.

Well... Though I think is not enough but still, I tried my best. I take it slow. Cos my target is by end of 2011 to lose 6kg.  Take it easy. Happy mood, u exercise more and stress-less.

Nw my exercise regime is: jog-gym-swim-skip-bell

I hope it works cos I blend in all sort of exercise rather than just jog and swim. I read that before.

Since ytd I jog, today I do sometin different.