Is Weekend Yet Again!

Is gonna be a long post. I think so. Cos I accumulate everything to post 1 shot. Hope nobody find it boring.  Not in sequence.

20 July 2011:  I went for a swim after work. 10 full laps. No kick. That means I can swim more laps. Well... Shall try next Wed again. But won't overwork myself. I swim leisurely. I spend 1 hour to finish 10 laps. Wow... Good job! Shall challenge my timing again. After my swim, no intention to anything from KFC. Just want to make my own dinner at home. So I fry egg, for my sandwich. Had wholemeal bread with the egg. Fry another one for my brother. Why? Cos my parents went for holiday in Taiwan. Can cook whatever I want. Hee...

19 July 2011: Guess where am I based on the photo above? Hahaha... Having lunch with my Dearie. At R Burger.
This is my meal. Ebi Fry Burger meal, consist of burger, potato wedges and iced peach tea which cost $7.80. Over my budget but once awhile, is okay.

22 July 2011: I have been digging out my books to read. And now reading up again on The Japan Diet. I love it. Shall share with all very soon on what I have learnt from the book. I'm half way thru the book.

19 July 2011: I finally fulfill my wish of buying my parents a camera for their use. Bot it at Harvey Norman, Suntec City. I am still wondering which to buy until the salesperson intro mi Samsung camera, which is having a promotion. I mean why not? U all shd noe by now how stingy I am but still I am willing to spend for my parents without taking a single cent back from them. 
I bought it at $169, which comes with free camera pouch (nice design) + free original battery and free 8GB micro SD card. How you think?  Wanna buy? Head to Harvey Norman now. 

21 July 2011: The National Day Parade Committee met up with our landlord. Because they are going to use our building for the NDP. Wow... when they came back from meeting, they took the gift packs back. Best! Don't need to watch and we get it instantly. Lotsa thingy inside, as usual.

22 July 2011: Okay... I know is stupid but I have got nothing better to do than snapping around. Just bought my facial foam today. This is meant for use at his house.

21 July 2011: Met up with another Dearie after work for dinner at Jurong Point. We head to Sakae Sushi opposite Jurong Point. We hang out for 2+ hours... Eat and chat. Hahahah... Having a good time.
Seriously, I had so much intake of sashimi for the night. Well I know how to appreciate sashimi. Yes! I am not resisting sashimi anymore. After that, my dearie pal order her fav salmon fish head... Not bad. And so, we had sushi from the conveyor belt and also my fav soft shell crab! Great! 

19 July 2011: Had dinner with my guy at Outback Steakhouse, Millenia Walk. 2nd time patronizing.

Sinful dinner. But no regrets. Spend almost $100 for 2 pax. 

I think that's about it. Very tired. Wanna have a good rest over the weekend and prepare for my 5km run on Sunday.... Arrgh... On diet! I must slim down and live a healthy life....