Day 2 Updates!

Alrite. A bits of yesterday.

I had my dinner (Kellong's cereal) late but before 10pm. Before that, my stopid mouth cannot resist the temptation of the chips. Arrgh. Well once awhile. Guilty.

For today, as usual my cereal for breakfast. Hot green tea in the mid morning. Arrgh... Yet again, biscuits!!!!

Well... what to do? Den is lunch time. Beehoon + 1 side dish cost mi $2.50. Small portion. Anyway, I find that having this as lunch, my sodium intake will burst. Arrgh... Try again.

But for tonite, I doubt I can follow faithfully. I'm going for seafood dinner with my bunch of colleagues. Is a treat! One of our old technician just gotten his CPF.

Ok... Tml is another day. I can do it! I drink lotsa water. N pass out lotsa water too...