Addiction to Shopping - SHOPAHOLIC

Why do I say that?  Well... Something keep bothering mi. Why a married woman can still behave like young ladies, who can really shop till they drop?  Recently, my ex colleague went Korea with her husband. Den she post those photos of her loots. Imagine how crazy she is! One whole pile of clothes and shopping bags. Wow... I m v impressed actually but I feel sad for her husband. Mayb her husband don't mind her shopping sprees but I think the money can b used on better thingy like their new flat which will b done by end of 2011. Mayb they are rich. But from what I see, they are jus in e mid range salaried staff. Also not that kind of ATAS range. But I really v keen to find out how her husband feel. Realllly! She is totally out of control in shopping. No kids now but in future, I'm not sure.

From her recent post before her trip, I guess some unhappiness at work. V funny. We resigned from the same company and she is paid way better than mi in Far East Org. Bt she got so much of complaints and grievances at work. She worked with them for less than a year and she is in this kind of state. For mi, I m way better in my new job than previous. I used to b a multi tasker in my previous company, doing all the stuff in 1 division. Till they hire assistants for mi, my workload lessen. E changes in mi is that I dress way better than last time in my ex company. I m that bits of slimmer than last time in my ex company. N I dun shop alot. I shop when there is a need.

Working at Raffles Place, I scrimp and save more. I dun have heavy breakfast anymore. Last time, my breakfast is beehoon mee and a coke light (sometimes). Mid mornin, a curry puff or something else. Den is lunch and tea time. C la... That's hw I get fat. But nw, all changed. Once a change of job, everythin change.

I think I'm out of topic but u understand how different between mi and my ex colleague. She worked at HQ but I work at site. Now I really find that working at site is good cos less ppl, less conflict. Dun nit to get unhappy and shop like nobody's biz. I think she contributes alot to Singapore's economy and to other countries too. Must thank someone like her.

My bf really thank God that I'm not like her. I told him abt this ex colleague of mine and he also pity her husband. We envy too cos they can travel and shop till they drop. Haiz... I dun hv this kind of life man. Atas life.

The only time when mi n my guy feel no stress during our holidays is Japan. We nv shop alot. He followed mi whereva I wan to go. Cos I m the one navigating. Arrgh... We eat happily without thinking how much. Oni like buying some stuff, we will convert into SGD to c if it is worth. Ya... damn worth. So help his sista bot lots of brolly back from there. I think when we travel, is best not to worry about money. N e experience in Japan was good. We had meals in restaurants or buy bento sets from their supermarket. So many to choose from. At Narita Airport while waiting for our flight back to Singapore, we shop at Uniglo like hell. My guy bot alot. Cos he didn't get to buy while I already bot a few expensive items like the polariod camera and Agnes B bag. Hahahhahaa...

Anyway, Shopping is not impt in our life. So it doesn't matter. What is more impt is having lotsa cash in our pocket. I don't know what am I talking about here in this post. Just a conflict of emotions. Hahahahahah...