Updates! Day 1 Challenge

Well... I had a late lunch today at 2pm. Cos doing some banking of cheques. Waited for so long. Damnit! Had Yong Tau Foo soup with beehoon. Cost mi $4.30. Well... Beta than nth.

At this moment, I am resting in front of my computer after my jog. Duno why am I feeling lazy today and never jog as much like other days. Well... due to my 'aunty visit', I take e chance to rest. 3 days no exercise. Oni until ytd, I went for a swim with my fren. Haiz... I hv to follow her pace. 4 full laps oni. If nt, my usual will b 6-8 full laps. Bt oso bcos I feel that sometin is drippin out from mi (well... my 5th day of menses). So no choice... Hv to stop. And today, so lazy man... Don't learn from mi. This is bad.

So to compensate my laziness, came back home for rope skipping. Target 500 counts tonite. Done with 250 counts. 250 more. Have my dosage of isotonic drink. Gonna finish my 250 den my tip toe exercise and that's the end for today. Gonna hv my Kellong's cereal after bathing...

Wondering if I shd go for dinner tml nite with my colleagues. Seafood dinner. Gosh! Heavy dinner. Bt if I decided to go, rest assure that I will reali watch what goes into my mouth. If not going, shall either go back home for jogging again or mit up with my guy! Hmph... So tempting Friday.