Food Review | Seafood International (East Coast)

Is so so sinful... But what to do? Is a treat. Our dinner at East Coast, Seafood International. Wow... Lotsa ppl were there having dinner. I expect that the food are good with that kind of crowd.

We start our meal with this. Is kind of salty but still taste good.

Oh my! The prawns are delicious and fresh...

My first try on this. Not so bad.

Oh... I love this! Yummilicious...

Nah... So so for this fish.

Mine is a young coconut. So nt much of flesh...

I'm a Beany! I like the long beans...

Thumbs Up for this. Is veggie and mushroom... Slurp!

Crabbi! I nv had crab but the bread cum curry. Slurp.

My colleague said is not really fresh or nice or... whateva.

Yeah is lobster! Baby lobster. I like. Fry with spring onion.

Dessert time. All the kuehs. I had 1 kueh n a jelly. Hee...

Last but not least, Ruby Ruby!

Well... Overall is a nice dinner. Cos is free, high cholestrol, makes mi fat for 1 whole week and is yummylicious..... Arrgh... Hot Green Tea is needed now at this moment! Drink drink drink.... I'm nt gonna have sinful food for 5 days as a penalty. And I'm gonna jog for 1 hr as part of penalty too! Hmpf!

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