Shape Run Update!

Alrite. Shape Singapore released e preliminary results for 5km and 10km run. Total mess! N I am so confused about GUN TIME and NETT TIME. What the hell! Cos usually I can't b bother much about my timing after a run. Knowin it is good enough but this time round is not the same. Because I want to know if I have improved on my timing compared to last year. But I swear is definitely better than last year. I am damn confidence!

Here is e preliminary results which I think is crap especially the Nett Time:

Bib No: 593
Rank: 119
Gun Time: 0:30:16:61
Nett Time: 1:02:32:11

I swear I saw my timing (under Gun Time) when I rch finishin line.

Haiz... No point dwelling over it now. Let's wait for actual timing ba.