Xmas Gathering cum Gift Exchange - Part 1

Is December and is a season to be jolly! Our Dearies Club had a wonderful time at Superdog @ VivoCity. Well... They are mainly tai tai because they don't even know where is Superdog when I first told them and I have to describe it in a crude way then they know! Damn it! Okay now lets enjoy the photos.
I will definitely put food as priority to all other photos... Food food food!!!!!! I love Fish & Chips. $7.50 and will fill your stomach along with a drink... Woohoo....
Yummy... Can you imagine this is eaten by a skinny Dearie? I had some too... Free ma. Nice nice... She should have burger instead. I think the burger looks nicer to have. Hahah.. it is like coming to Superdog but not having any hotdogs. Wahahahah
Duno waiting for what. Still chatting away and not tucking the food. I shall go ahead with mine Fish & Chips. Woohoo...
Right after everyone arrives and had their Superdog meal, is 8.30pm. Our Christmas gift xchange started.  So we decided to have the oldest one to start with and the youngest one to end with drawing the lots.
First to start. Ber and Kap. Ok... Did you see two other stopid ladies below B & K? The action is stopid.  They can jus jolly well smile at the camera cos the focus is not on them. Wahahahahah....

Their presents are in a form of double. Hahaha... A primary and secondary. Best! And convenience too cos they are sitting side by side whereas the rest of us have to move here and there just for the photos...

This one lagi good. No wrapper. V green environmental. I like. Hahaha.... Did u c a dinosaur staring at Lynn?

Wahahaha... This is good too... Unwrap the present and still got free gift wor: a Mphosis recyclable carrier.

Caline said that this wrapper has Christmas mood. Hmm... Wan more Christmas mood will be red, green and gold... WOW!!! Hahahah... WOW everyone. And somemore this present is wrapped by her hubby... Oh well...

Damn!!! Look at my thunder arms... SO BIG! WTF! I'm gonna throw this top again. No more cat sleeves top for me. No way!
The oldest and the youngest. First and last. Best ar! First to choose and last one to choose. Which is better?  Think is the first one, I guess! Last one is left with no other choice. Wahhahahahah.... Whatever!

Next post, the unwrapping moments and a group photo to end our gathering for 2011.

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