God damn the whole thing. Imagine yourself in our shoes. U have left with no other choice than MRT (the fastest and most convenience way) to reach your destination. And one fine day, u have to wait for 5 hours just to get home because of train disruption. Usually it takes u 30 to 45mins to get home from work. How will u feel? Other alternatives available like free shuttle bus or cab or ask someone to fetch u home.  What if the bus is so packed that is never your turn to squeeze in and u stil have to wait. Cab, everybody is hailing a cab and is long q. Last alternative, ask your family or fren to fetch u home. Tiredness creeping into u after a day at work and u get damn frustrated! All thanks to our wonderful 'World Class Transport'. Breaking down 3 times in a week. Affecting some many commuters. Just simply shoo them off by refunding their fare for that few days. U refund this small money but u get big money on the other side. Not bad! Clever company. The hot topic of the week in Singapore is this train disruption. And so surprising that about 80 people turn up at Hong Lim Park, wanting this CEO to STEP DOWN! Wow... Usually frustration won't go up to this extend where people have to 'protest'. But I think this is enough. My limit is up too. I can't tolerate such disruption every now and then when u r telling the public that regular checks or maintenance are carried out but u missed the slightest flaw which creates a chaos last week. Simply think that those doing the checks or maintenance are sleeping. Or just simply do for the seek of it. I have got too many complaints on the train service. If there is other option other than the current service provider, I will definitely go for the other but there isn't any! Simply monopolise by them. This is simply not acceptable and I guess many of us agree to it. Like in our telco service provider, there used to be this case (monopoly) but luckily, 2 more telco service providers surface out and is doing good. So why can't we do that for our transportation service? And they increase our fare with such service. Is this justifiable? NO! It is not. Everyone has their same reason to give when comes to increase fare. Due to economy constraint, manpower increase, price hike on things etc, sustain the maintenance fee etc. Hey! When u talk about maintenance, is your maintenance of the train good enough to convince us on the fare hike? NO! Simply no. Last week and many other times have proven that they did not do a good check and maintenance. Simply bullshit! I feel that they are just trying to cover for one another. So sian. For myself, I can't stand this kind of disruption. Is a disruption of my life too! I can't be at work on time. I can't reach home on time for my daily routine run. Total unacceptable! Now bcos of this, I have to leave my hse earlier than usual to avoid human jam. Because from this week onwards, they will have lesser frequency and speed limit wil slow down than usual while checks to be done by the authority. Opportunity cost incurred. I have to wake up early and can't laze around for that 5-10mins before heading out for work.  I have to be selfish enough to squeeze myself in with the slightest chance of space that caught my eyes. Simply ridiculous.

Singapore's Most Ridiculous Transportation.

Hey online netizens will know of this acronym. Lolx