Crossover Week

Why do I say tat? Because we begin this week with 3 days in Nov and 3 days in Dec, which Mon-Wed we are still in Nov and Thurs-Sat we are in Dec.  Whateva!  This is my nonsensical way of saying and welcoming Dec, my fav month.  I just wanna share on food.  My luncheon during this 'crossover' week of mine.

Met my gal fren for lunch on one of the days. Was at Golden Shoe. Not sure why I always wanted to go Level 2 only. Maybe I'm too lazy to walk up 2-3 more flight of stairs to Level 3 for more options. But there are also lotsa options at Level 2. So on that day, I choose to have my fried fish noodles soup with my gal fren. Well spend. $3 and feel nothing in my stomach actually. Which is good. I don't want to be on 100% full but 80% will do... Wahahahah.....

Snapping of food shots is my fav pastime.  If I get the chance to snap, I will do so cos I like collecting a series of food shots to savour at.  Let's continue.  So on Thurs the first day of Dec, I went for lunch with my colleagues at Hong Lim food centre.  Well we walk all the way from Raffles Place to Hong Lim...  Along the way, we are looking at other buildings' christmas tree.  Because ours is not really nice, though I find it ok.  Maybe my taste is a bit bad but I don't care. If the rest think is not nice, I will follow the crowd. Wahahahah... Okay so we are lucky to find a seat for 4 during peak lunch hour. Actually not much crowd already because is about 1.30pm when we reach there.  For convenience seek, we had hokkien mee and fruit juice. Cost me $4.50 in total.  Overspent by $0.50. Wahahah... I set myself a budget of $4 per day.  Maybe a lot of people find it ridiculous but I enjoy that. 
Yummy... I am satisfied with my food and watermelon juice.  That day, went back to work and completed our christmas project at our building.  Phew... We rush it since the day before because we need to put up by 1 Dec.  Though is a bit late but still manage to put up all the wish tags in the mid afternoon and by then we already have takers for the wish tags.  I am one of them.  I shall share more in my next post.

Just yesterday, I am so happy that I have completed my closing and all the works that are held up due to the christmas project.  So I reward myself with something good for lunch.  So I walk to Golden Shoe again.  Saw one stall at Level 2 without any q. Hahahah... And just nice is the one that is selling ayam penyet.  My colleagues said that is nice and asked me to try one day. Ya! Here is my chance. So I bought 1 pack back to office.  I never know how big pack it is. Wahahaha....
I got a shock when I open up the pack. Keropok, chicken, veggie, rice and chilli.  I don't like the keropok because is not crispy anymore after left in the open.  The rice is damn nice! I love it. It is just like Chinese chicken rice. Actually is the same. Hee... When having it with their chilli, SHIOK! The chicken is good too.  A big portion. Crispy, especially the skin.  Erm... the meat is a bit hard to chew, taste a bit hard but overall is still nice.  Anyway I like it. Will have it again when there is.... no q. Or maybe try some others in their stall.

Saturday. And I'm working. Sigh. What to do? Need a morning breakfast to perk up my day. A glass of HL milk and took a pack of oat krunch from my bro. Curious mah! Wanna  taste it so that next time I can buy and share with him for breakfast. Wahahaha.... Not bad. 3 slices in a small pack. I shall have that for breakfast if I got no appetite in the morning, though by right I should have a good breakfast as a good start for the day.

Okay... I have submitted my documents and payment to SIM for my course.  I am going to a student again after 2 years since my graduation from Singapore Polytechnic. Rest for 2 years and is time for the last stage of my education path. So excited about the start of my course next month. I have decided to take up HR as my minor so now, I shall do some reading up on HR to prepare myself for the tough war for the next 2 years. Pray for me and wish me luck in my studies!