My Wardrobe Series Debut

Yup! Is SALES!!! At Cotton On. Went there during my lunch time and spend about half of my lunch time shopping in there. After much consideration, I bought the following:

That's my taste. That's what I fancy. I don't care how others think so long as I'm happy with what I have bought. Spend a total of $30 for 2 dresses, a cardigan and a pair of flats (not in the picture). Great deal right? $10 per dress, $5 per cardigan and flats. Woohoo... Shiok! I love Cotton On. Especially when I get to grab all these cheap and nice stuff... If the sales is still on when I'm back to work on Tues, shall dig out more. Forgotten to see if it is the last day of sales today. Sigh. But is okay.