Food Review | Chang Korean Grill & Noodles Restaurant

Y do I call that?  My colleague described us, da 5 ladies "Five Fingers'.  There is, A, F, L, I and S.  Hahahha... Our initials.  Our hands can't go without any of da five fingers.  Our 2nd gathering last night.  All the 'fingers' are present.  Had our dinner at iluma @ Bugis, Chang Korean Grill & Noodles Restaurant at Level 4.  Was suggested by one of our fingers after watching Buffet Buffet 2 on Channel 8 every Friday.  Just last Fri and have set the location for our gathering.  Nevertheless, let me share the photos with all.

This is just the beginning.  Getting ready for the first round.  With the food around, we are ready to start.  And we expected that after tonight's dinner, we will stink all the way back home.  This is the 2nd time we had bbq indoor and stink all da way in the train till home.  Arrghh.. Bt actually it smells nice.  I mean the food... Wahahhahaha...

Hey hey... I saw this and can't wait to have it for the 2nd time in my life. Wahahahaha.... The korean spicy rice cake aka 辣炒年糕.  Ok la.. Not bad.  Kind of hard to chew at first but gradually got used to it. Wahahahah.... It is called Ddukppoki (떡볶이).

Our food... Woohoo.... Yummy... I am having my food happily while chatting, gossipin etc... Mostly are meat.  Hahahaha... We are 5 lady meat eaters.

Looks good right?  It smells damn good too... U may think that bringin mi for bbq buffet or steamboat is a waste of money but true enuff, I am.  And I enjoy the hotdogs more than any others... Wahahahhahah...

In the midst of eating, sudden idea struck me!  Hey I did saw veggie and kimchi and why am I not getting any when I can try eating like the Koreans????? Oh My GOD!  Stupid slow me... So I went to get some!

Yeah!!! I make it simple.  Leafy, meat and kimchi.  And off it goes down to my stomach!!! Shiok!  And subsequently, I have it this way till the end of our dinner.  I put even hotdogs in it. Wahahahahha...

At the start, I asked the waiter if there is any kimchi rice which was recommended on tv, but after he checked with the chef, the answer disappoint mi.  Then as we eat, my colleagues came back with 5 bowls of kimchi rice.  Wow... So damn happy.  And the same waiter was just beside and said I can enjoy it now.  Wahahahaha...  Eh... I found pieces of hotdogs in the rice.

All of us have enjoyed our dinner.  We stink together, we eat together, we gossip together, we laugh together and that's a wonderful night before we begin the following day in December.

Did u see hotdogs?  Yes!!! Hotdogs... I love it deep deep... Yummy... I really love bbq hotdogs to the max!!!!

This has been changed for about..... 3 times? Or more?  I forgot already.  Thru out the 3 hours.  I think the waiters are finding us troublesome.  Well... we are customers right?

Lastly is ice cream time.  Two flavours to choose from.  This is my 2nd helping.  My 1st helping is just 2 scoops.  Anyway, the spread of buffet is very little.  Not much choice for us to choose frm.  Mostly the customers get for themselves more on meaty stuff.  Cooked food is little too.  There is broccoli, which is my favourite but I nv had much.  Cos I am too into having the korean style of eating... Wahahahahaha... Nv order any drinks.  Just had ice water thru out.  Not into drinking though there is alcoholic ones to choose.  So that's all for the post.  Enjoy my night out with the ladies!!!! Wooohooo... Look forward to our 3rd one next month.