My 1st D&D ever (Part 1)

This is my first ever Dinner & Dance in my life. Hope it will leave me a very good impression because I have no other times where I can do a comparison of. Really look forward to it.
Outside the waiting area cum cocktail session before the start. Lotsa ppl from different business units including myself from KFMO. The ballrooms are opened for us to go in. That means it is starting real soon...
At our table 44. Wow... I saw party poppers. Hmm... Wonder what programs line up for every one. Shiok!
Warmin up session. See... Everyone is so high! Wow what a good ice breaking way!
Our menu for the night. 8 course dinner. I have my favourite, you know? The Szechuan Wok-Fried Tiger Prawns! Yummy... Shall show all the dishes following after this.
The cold dish is up. There is spring rolls, prawns, california maki, mushrooms and scrambled egg. Is more than enough. I love!
Shark fins up next. Not bad. Maybe long time never attend weddings so once awhile having shark fins is an enjoyment.
Up next, sea bass. I like it. The meat is so tender and going with the sauce, PERFECT! Quite common seeing in wedding dinners. I think so.
Yeah!!! Here comes my fav! God! U just can't imagine how fresh the prawns are. Marvellous...
Then is roasted five spice chicken. I had a piece and was munching away the crackers... Yum yum!
The Yam ring... Never had much. A slice and that's it. Actually I am not into yam. Oh well...

Noodles... Usually when it comes to this, I am very happy cos I love noodles. Be it beehoon, yellow mee etc. I just love them. But during that time when this dish is served up, I was busy taking photos and video down the program that is going on. So funny. Shall show all later. And so I didn't had much but just a bowl. Sigh...
Last but not least is dessert. Not bad. Sweet... There is strawberry in it. And pomelo. Yummy... As usual just a bowl. Too busy with video.
Had this photo taken outside the ballroom before the start of dinner. There is not just photo booth, tattoo booth, keychain booth and tarot reading booth. Wow... Not bad huh? But because we are the last one taking the photos and we are being rush into the ballroom because it is going to start, so what we got is this one and only piece for 4 of us. Sigh... We are expecting 4 pcs. Damn it. Should have come early...
Above is our lucky draw winners from our table. So lucky of them... Haiz.. As usual I don't have this kind of luck. So don't bother asking me to buy 4D etc.
Our door gift. SOoooo inconvenience. Imagine we are not carrying any big bags but purse or clutch bag. Sigh... Hope they can have something smaller and convenience. But is way better than a big heavy plate. I shall be grateful of that. Phew...
Huat ar! The number 8228 came out in last night 4D according to my colleague's info. Wow... But the lady who is holding that card missed it. Sigh... Hahahaha... But she did great that night with a lucky draw prize. N guess what? The lucky draw prize number is 88. Huat ar!!!!

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