Ushering 2012

Less than 5 hours, we bid goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012! To leave all the unhappiness in 2011 and bring along our happiness with us to 2012. Hope the year of Dragon be a better one compared to the year of Rabbit. A year of disasters, wars and other misfortune in 2011 is too much for anyone of us. No more of these nonsense though not really possible but maybe lesser of all these in 2012. HUAT AR!

My sincere and realistic resolutions for 2012 is:
  1. Continue with my diet cum slimming plan;
  2. No impulsive travelling;
  3. Good grades for my studies (At least a C grade, sigh...);
  4. Following my heart and learn to reject;
  5. Stay or leave for a better job (Target by July 2012);
  6. Have lotsa $$$ in my bank account;
  7. Spend on necessaries only;
  8. Discover a new hobby;
  9. Be a good girlfriend.
That's all I asked for. Though to some, my resolutions sucks as it is not resolutions to them at all but some common thingy that we do everyday in our life. But to me, some of them are not that easy to achieve. Anyway not many people will understand a person like me. I am hard to understand in some ways. And I can't be bothered with all these. I lead my own life. How about u guys out there? Any New Year resolutions? To have or not doesn't matter. I have mine and I will look forward in fulfilling it. That's my task and will have a year end report 1 year from now.

What did I achieve in 2011? 

  1. January - Gotten our flat 
  2. February - 1st 7hrs trip to Tokyo
  3. March - New job
  4. September - Register for degree course

Not much but is a big step for me. Especially my new job in March after much consideration to leave my comfort zone of 4.5years. Still surviving. And also taking up my degree course which will cost me a bomb for 2 years. Anyway is a nice timing cos when I complete my course by end of 2013, my flat will be soon ready in 2014. 

That's all for today. I'm heading out for a drink with my guy and his friends. Happy 2012 to all out there.