The iPhone Era

Everyone on the street are carrying iPhone. But I am still carrying my Nokia E72 and I'm not eager to change because my guy has it and I can play with it when I'm with him. I don't have that kind of desperate feel of wanting and needing it.  I won't feel handicapped without it.  Cos it is just another phone.  What it can do to others' life, my Nokia E72 can too.  Though its lifespan is almost up, but I have yet to given it up. I can wait for my mobile contract expires next year. I wonder why others are so handicapped without it.  Just because it can do wonders?  

Well... Technology advances everyday.  Some can catch up with it but not all.  To me, those who catches up have spent bucks on it. And those who didn't may spend the same amount of bucks but on different stuff or may wonder if they are contented with what they have right now....  Tat's my assumption. What I wanted to say is that how about those tech stuff before the iPhone era? MP3/MP4 players etc. How they survive thru the iPhone era because it has taken over them? Humans can watch shows, listen to music, surf the net thru iPhone. But how about these back dated stuff? Are you going to dump them, auction them or send it to the museum for display as olden days technology? 

Simply can't get it.  As for myself, I can watch shows and listen to music using my Nokia E72 but I choose not to. Firstly it will dry up my battery and I have to charge everyday.  There is something call the battery pack or extra battery but why do I have to spend on that? I find it so unnecessary. I have my MP3 player and it is still surviving well since 2009 and I love it to the max. Maybe others will see it as me being in the dinosaur years, like what the hell is this lady still using MP3 player. I don't give a damn to how others see me so long as I'm happy with it. I can still FB with my E72. I can still do anything with that small screen, compared with the bigger one of the iPhone. One bad point is, the reception of iPhone is bad and I hate to the max when I'm talking with my guy over the phone and I nag at him over this. He carries a Sony Ericsson phone previously and the reception is way better than iPhone. Yes, maybe my guy is right. As the technology advances, they neglected the reception part of a phone. Bad! Is real bad. I thought my E72 is bad but his iPhone 4S is just as bad.

My guy kept wanting to buy iPhone for me as Christmas present this year but I said maybe next year then I consider. Is either I get myself a Nokia again, or Samsung Galaxy or last option, iPhone.  Even if I have iPhone, I'm not gonna dump my precious MP3 player away. I will still continue with my music with my player.  I do get jealous and irritated somehow or rather wherever I go seeing iPhone users everywhere but still, it just for that moment. 

You can never be on the same pace with technology. Because it is advancing way too fast.