Food Review | Tiong Bahru Boneless Chicken Rice & Curry Rice

Went lunch with my colleagues. Follow them all the way to the shophouse opposite Central. A long walk but is good. Cos I never know I will b that full after that.

We had chicken rice at Tiong Bahru Boneless Chicken Rice & Curry Rice stall. The stall is small but packed with lots of patrons during lunch time.

Looking thru the menu, ordered the following food which we can't finish even with 3 mouths.

First to come is our soup. Yup is nice. Why is it nice? Maybe lotsa MSG. Hahahah.. That's what my guy always said whenever we had tasty food. Anyway is either stocks or MSG or really boiled with the chicken for hours.

I guess is the home made barley drink. I had the warm one. My colleague recommend it. Yup... Definitely a good one. But wish to leave my stomach for the food. So end up I never finish the drink. Too bad.

Yes. This is the one. My colleagues wanted to have white chicken but accomodate me in having this roasted chicken. I like it. Boneless and the meat is tender. Recommended. Can't finish too. They ordered half a chicken. OMG!

The above are some of their side dishes.  There is veggie, wu xiang, pork chop and fried toufu. My top fav is the toufu. Damn nice. I don't really know how to describe that taste. It is like breaking apart easily, soft and together with that sweet sour sauce, the taste is splendid. Shall try some others in the menu next round. Woohoo...