This is what I call Miracle! My colleagues bot it, used it and praised it. Since Chinese New Year is nearing, I decided to buy for my household use.  Cos what comes into my mind is that copper pipe in our bathroom... I wonder it will work or not but my colleagues assured me of that.  Bot 2 for $25 and free 2 sponges.  I can't wait to use it when I reach home from work. Thought that my guy will b too busy to mit me, but end up we went out till 9+ then reach home. Immediately without changing to my home clothes, I went to the bathroon and started scrubbing.  Hey it really works! OMG!

I roughly show my mum and she is surprised too... See the above result. Good right? V impressed by this M Shine. I shall make it a point to help my mum out in this when I'm free.  Can be used on windows, cabinets, glass etc.  Say so much also no use.  U have to try it yourself.

I give one to my guy.  After last night try out, I immediately sms my guy abt it. Hahahah... Today I told him yet again on how impressed I am abt that thingy. Find it funny when I am so interested in this.  Feel like a typical housewife.  Then he said is a matter of time cos sooner or later, I am one too. Kaoz.... Anyway if u drop by Raffles Place, go to Raffles Xchange.  It is selling there.  That uncle is called Mr Tan.  He is always doing the demo whenever I passed by and many onlookers crowd around him.  And believe or not, many bot from him.  I'm one of them too!