Yes... Since last Friday (I guess!), I have increased my intensity to 4km and today I continue with that. Good! I don't know how long I'm going to train under my 4km training till but just increase according to how much my body can endure. Now I am better than my guy though I can't out run him.  He speed, mi slow and sustainable. That's our difference. I wonder how is he going to get thru that 6km Zoo Run. Hee... Anyway I will by all means run with him, train with him. My target is to finish a 10km in 1 hr and 25 mins in 5km next year. This type of timing is lousy, compared to others. But that is my personal target and I don't care how others think. Wahahahahahhaah..... I must plan properly for my daily run because soon, I will be studying my degree and time will be lesser for runs and also for him. Hee...

My 4km daily training:
  • 4km run
  • 1km walk
  • Walk up from ground floor to Level 13