Eventful Christmas Week

Christmas celebration everywhere. So do us at work. Initially we plan to start during lunch but as the words spread wide, we started real early at 11am on a Friday 23 Dec 2011. Here are the highlights of our mini Christmas celebration.
That's our so-called Christmas lunch and it left us so sleepy and no mood to work for the rest of the day. Hahahah... Too into that Christmas mood. Sigh...

And then is Christmas eve. I have never attended a wedding dinner on Christmas eve. Great. This couple definitely gonna have a memorable wedding anniversary every year. The dinner was held at Raffles Town Club. My first time been there too. We were the last to arrive for our table. My guy's friends has arrived earlier than us. But the banquet hasn't start yet. On the table as usual is the wedding gifts. Inside that 'Thank You' box is a luggage tag. The other box is a pair of chopsticks. So nice. I like collecting it. Hahaha... As reference.

Here comes the first dish. Cold dish with crabmeat omelette, smoked duck, roasted char siew, crispy mushroom with octopus and deep fried silver fish. I feel personally that if you have deep fried food, it shouldn't be cold. Cos not nice anymore and not crispy anymore if it is supposed to be that way. Sigh...
Here comes the shark fins. As usual in a traditional wedding dinner. Nothing special. But a must have. Sort of.
Yummy I love this. There is fresh prawns, scallops and my fav broccoli. Wahahahha... I had quite a amount of broccoli. I'm too busy with my guy's iPhone and lost concentration on the food. But this dish is a thumbs up!

Before we can finish that previous dish, they serve the fish. Steamed one. I had a bit. My guy keep giving it to me. He is full and so he gave mi. Sigh... I am full too. But the fish is nice.

Abalone! Woohoo... I had 1 or 2 pcs. Not bad indeed when you had that once awhile.
I never manage to take all 8 courses so too bad. The last one is dessert. Yam paste. Not bad. Before dessert is lotus leaf rice. The smell is good and taste nice but never finish it because I'm too full. So is my guy. Basically for our table, supposed to be meant for 10 pax. But only 6 of us on the table. All my guy's best pal and their spouse. So we are having a 10 pax dish for the 8 courses. Hahahaha... My guy's lousy stomach. Already told him at home not to have too much of rice and yes, he did not had alot but still it makes him full. C lah. Die die force him eat bits of every course though he is so unwilling but seeing him swallowing down oso pains mi. Haiz... I had some food at home too but really that bits. I'm full to the max too. Guess what? When we reach home, bathe and about to sleep, he told me he is hungry! Damn it!
So is Christmas again. Once a year thingy and it can be costly. Because have to buy presents for everyone. I have burst my budget. So I beta be good from now on cos I'm schooling next month. While I wait for my peektures of the Christmas dinner at my guy's place, let me show u my presents...
Yes... These are all my presents... I love it all. Especially the watch. Cos is from my guy. Wahahaha... Ya I love all the other presents too cos is from my friends, colleagues and all. A blessed Christmas. So what did I buy for myself? 2 pairs of shoes....

Having discount at Noda. So just buy 2 acceptable pairs. More to come because after that I threw all my spoilt shoes. Haiz.... New year new shoes. Throw away those bad luck.

Then is boxes of chocolates.
Not for me but for others. I totally got no idea of what I should buy. Though chocolates is in the list of most unwanted presents, but it is the easiest to buy. No cracking of brain... Anyway... That's my Christmas for 2011. Stay tune for the next post on Christmas Dinner from home. His home. Hahahahhah... Merry Christmas to whoever is reading my blog!