A week gone in Dec 2011

Well... another week has passed and I am so tired.  At work, is as usual chaotic. Bcos is always the same old complaints from the tenants on toilet cleanliness. Damn! Early morning have to ans all this toilet thingy. Sometimes it did spoilt a person's mood while having their delicious breakfast on the desk. Then was told that next week, there will be another audit. Is 2 in a week. And the following week, another one. Sigh... One year can have so many audits. Can't believe it. I am damn soooo sian. Even my colleagues are so turn off. Den another stupid thingy is an upcoming charity golf, yet again. Wah lau... How many golf tournament can you have in a year?  I have just got thru 1 in Aug which my involvement is so much that I feel like giving up and 1 in Nov which I am not so involved but just collecting the cheques and helping out at the event venue (ferry terminal only). Sickening! And somemore is another project site. And bcos we have experience in organising golf event, so we are the first in the list in making the event happen. Damn it! It totally spoilt my mood. So was asked who to help out in this event in Feb 2012 so I took up bcos my colleague has just done the Nov 2011 charity golf so now is my turn. Sian... Actually things can be better if someone is firm enough to push away this request. But too bad. And is making everyone's mood dampen. At my workplace, basically the morale is very low. How can we don't get out of here asap???  Is good working there with those colleagues but the work itself, some are really unnecessary but have to catch and do. Sian... How to survive till April 2012 before I can throw that letter!

Forget it. Let's not talk about work for now. Basically for this whole week is Christmas shopping. Shopping for the kids. My guy's nephew and niece, my godson, my cousin's kids etc. And also for myself, I bought a new dress and clutch bag for our company D&D and wedding dinner. Hmm... In order to save, I never buy shoes and shall just wear old ones. I even decided to wear my new dress for these 2 occasions. I saved! Yeah! Spend too much this month. But don't know why I am feeling happy than sad over the bucks flowing out. Maybe December is my fav month.

And also, I bought rice biscuits.  The brand new Master Mi is in Singapore. Actually it is from Taiwan and maybe I have not been to Shilin Night Market for the last few trips to Taipei and that's why I never come across this snack.  I bought home 3 flavours, Original, Seaweed and Curry. And in total, there are 6 different flavours. On top of those mention, they have Butter, Cheddar Cheese adn Peanut Choc flavour.
Original (Pink pack)

 Seaweed (Green pack)

Curry (Orange pack)
In their leaflet, they mention its healthy and tasty points:
Non Fried, No Trans Fat, No Colouring, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavourings, High in Fibre, Low in Calories, NO MSG, 100% Natural Ingredient. I shall not comment further cos is for you to find out.
For me, the curry flavour pack is nice. The curry powder on the biscuits taste something similar to Twisties curry flavour. Most important, it is crunchy in its own way. Not that hard to bite so kids will love it. 7 big pieces in it, cost around $3-$4+ per pack and to consume within a week after opening. I will only buy once awhile cos their only store now is at Suntec City. Just happen that they promoting at Raffles Xchange. Do check out their website at http://www.mastermi.sg/

Well... 2012 is just round the corner.  Another busy year ahead because of my studies.  Joining more runs next year. Already sign up for Safari Zoo Run 2012 which is happening on 5 Feb 2012. Will bring along my lazy guy for the Fun Run. Must push him harder in training for the 6km run. If I go on my own, will consider other category but with him along, I have to consider that he is not jogging for sometimes. Good thing is that I got better stamina than him as time passes. Wahahahaha... I miss swimming with him. Long time no swim since he started his Diploma course. Well... Hopefully we have chance to go for a swim before his next module start on 3 Jan. Mine on 9 Jan. Wow!!!! Den counting down to Apr 2012. Hopefully I can get a job to start fresh in June 2012. Arrghh... Pray hard!