Food Review | Freshness Burger + Blabbering

I went there near 9pm. A late dinner at Freshness Burger. Open not long, after the renovation of Causeway Point I guess. Actually never had that Freshness Burger but instead, we choose others from their menu. Hahaha... 

Lime soda to start with. Refreshing but it just taste like any other soda drinks. Oh well...

Our burgers are here. Had bacon omelet and tori katsu burger. Both tastes good. I personally think that what I had is worthy, which is tori katsu burger. The patty is big. But oily. As for bacon omelet, it tastes like normal sandwich which we do at home, putting in fried omelet, bacon, lettuce cheese and etc. 

Look at the meat patty and the amount of veggie available. At least u won't feel too oil because the trace of oil coming out from inside. Should I call it juicy instead. Juicy or oily? I'm bad in this so I shall not say further.

And lastly, fried potatoes. Nah!!! It is potato wedges. Plain taste. Not salty but feels abit oily. Not so bad. Should I feel guilt or not after this meal? Further more, is late at night. I shouldn't be eating after 8pm. Well... once awhile I guess. 

Final verdict: I may want to try that Freshness burger in their menu. Just that once and that's it. Nothing special. I think Mos Burger is of a better choice.

Went for a walk inside the mall. Finally I saw City Chain having that watch I wanted but not the colour I fancy. After much consideration, I pick Baby G and that's my Christmas present from my guy.

He helped in my choice too. Yes! I got my 3rd watch. Love it. There is a 10% discount. Well... Is a good deal then. 

Alright. A busy week at work. After knowing that we will not be getting any bonus next Mon, no morale to work at all. So I choose to slow down my pace at work. Slowly do. Though was told maybe next year will get something before Chinese New Year. I mean bonus. Whatever. Just waiting to pick the 'auspicious' month to throw letter.

Went for my enrolment on Thursday at SIM. The school personnel from RMIT Melbourne came over for the enrolment. So is enrolment into RMIT. Had dinner at the food outlet with my friend who is studying the same course with me but difference of half a year. Our laksa at $2.80!

Everything went smooth. I choose Human Resource as my minor. Look forward to the induction session on 7 Jan 2012 before the start of my lesson on 9 Jan 2012. Ok! It is really a challenge for me. Just the first week of school, I will be studying from Mon to Sat, 7-10pm. Shiok right? This is crazy man. Can't believe it. But it is just the first week and subsequently will be 3 days a week. Bless me!

Back track to last week or e week before. The Marketing team of KLI came to our site because they will be distributing the 2012 calendar and also cakes to our tenants. Awfully Chocolate. Yummy! There are many times I get to enjoy Awfully Chocolate cake. I never will buy it myself but since I joined in March, I had it free. All of us enjoying the cake in our pantry. Yummy. And my company just given us a $30 Awfully Chocolate voucher. Woohoo! I planning to buy a log cake for my family. Maybe I should go and place an order at Republic Plaza. More convenience for me to bring back home since it is just opposite.

Sleepy and tired now... Shall have a good night rest and wake up early in the morning for our run. Hahaha... Stay tune to my updates on Life.Style All Mine!