Bring a smile for the kids

We have this Christmas project at work for the kids at APSN, Association for Persons with Special Needs.  It's a once a year thingy and I am lucky to be part of this though I never do much, just doing up the wish tag and putting it up on the big Christmas tree at our main lobby.  We put up on 1 Dec 2011 in the mid afternoon and then last Sat 3 Dec 2011, all the wish tags are taken up.  Fantastic! I am one of those takers.  I took 5. Got ready 4 out of 5. The last one not yet. Haven't get the right wrapper for it. Shall do it by this week.

Not sure why am I so enthusiatic about this thingy. Maybe because is Christmas month. Or maybe I have lots of new and unwanted stuff waiting to be given away.  Though is not those expensive stuff but instead of wastage, why not share with others like these kids? So... this is my chance. I feel charitable this month.  I don't know why... Hahaha... Ok from now, I shall tell myself that every year at this month of time, I must do at least 2-3 good deeds. Hahahah... But at the moment, I only did one which is this Christmas wish thingy for APSN. What else can I do?  For me to find out.