Top 3 Favourite Food Outlets in Singapore

Since xxx years I started food blogging, I went to numerous places to try out different cuisine (not exotic but mainstream) and now, I'm gonna share with you peeps my Top 3 Favourite. Yes... my personal Top 3. It may not be your Favourite but at least it is definitely mine.


Mellben Legend Seafood

I don't take crabs (yes... not take craps too) last time because I don't know how to crack the claws/shells whatever and is very troublesome. Then my husband made me realize what I have been missing all these while when everyone is enjoying the different types of tasty crabs all over the island (I mean in Singapore). So I tried and got hooked. He and myself brought each other to few famous seafood restaurants like Jumbo, Singapore Seafood Republic and etc. Landed here coincidentally when borrowing and returning my graduation gown. 

Laksa Crab
Love their crabs (not craps). Tasty and fresh. Apart from that, you can order some sides to compliment the crabs, probably some vegetables (mehhhh...) or their ice jelly for dessert.

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They are at: 9 Opal Crescent, 328404


Paradise Group's : Canton Paradise, Paradise Inn, Paradise Dynasty, Para Thai, Beauty in the Pot

Way before I'm one of their many brand Ambassadors, I have patronized their restaurants. The first was Canton Paradise. Maybe I'm vague about dim sum and porridge but I love those at Canton Paradise. Been to their outlet at JCube few times with my husband and even brought my friend and my family there for lunch and dinner. 

After those food tasting sessions as their Ambassadors, I love even more of their other dining concepts. So I really do recommend them to you peeps not because I benefited from their Ambassador program but I brought my husband and friends for food tasting session and they are all positive about their food! Esp when my husband is a good and stringent food taster. He has his own expectation on food. If it is good, is good. And so on.

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Tom Yum Kungfu

When it comes to Thai food, the first thing you think of is Tom Yum Goong, or Mookata. And at Tom Yum Kungfu, Mookata can be seen on every table, and so is their other dishes. Too delicious not to try. Crispy and addictive. I personally recommend you peeps to try their Fried Kang Kong. My must have dish even if I'm having mookata. Their fried chicken is not bad too. Try it.

Spotted them when searching for dinner place with my ex-colleagues. And then I brought my friends there again. So you know there is this revisit thingy going on. My husband went there with his friends before. But that's after me. He is positive about their food too. Their outlet furnishing and decoration are very Thai. Like you are in Little Thailand in Singapore. Not exaggerating and I'm not paid to advertise for them too. I like means I like. Go read more reviews about them. Quite a fair share of positive and negative. You see... I told you right? Every single soul has their own unique taste bud. 

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They are at: 16 Circular Road, S049372 and 56 Serangoon Garden Way S555952.
Or visit their Facebook page here.
So I'm not sure if you like my recommendation on the Top 3 but then no harm trying. Different individual has different taste bud. I understand that. Yours may not be the same as mine. Above is just based on my personal liking. I have to re-emphasize every now and then. So don't be affected by whatever I wrote, thinking it is too exaggerating or vague.

Enjoy. Bye!

I totally forgot that I still have Dian Xiao Er in my list of Top Favourite. Anyway, just add to my existing list. I can't decide which position I should place. 1st or 2nd? Oh man....

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Back for Dian Xiao Er (2015)

Hope my Top list can be added up to 10 by end of 2015. Then I can do a Top 10 for your peeps by year end. So stay tune!