Food Review | Jerry's BBQ & Grill

Home of the Original Deep Fried Mushrooms & Buffalo Wings

The first shop that welcomes you when approaching the right stretch of Jalan Kayu shophouses from the open carpark opposite is Jerry's BBQ & Grill. The tagline on the facade so big that you just can't escape from its sight.

Here for another round of dinner on Friday evening. I was so looking forward to their Deep Fried Mushrooms & Buffalo Wings.

Mushroom Soup $5.95
Buffalo Wings $10.95
Choose from 6 levels of spicy intensity, we tried Level 2 Intensi-Fire. It was good and not too overwhelmed by the spiciness to neglect on the taste and texture. You can order a 4 piece wings for or Half Dozen too.

Deep Fried Mushrooms $7.95
They used button mushrooms here, coated with their special batter and fried. Crispy on the outside and juicy too. Dipped in the tartar sauce for taste enhancement. If not, it definitely taste bland. Ordered a small portion for me and husband to share. 

Lamb Grill $28.95
The lamb chops were tasty on first bite, tender and a little juicy but moments of finding lots of fats, it apparently turned me off especially on the piece I took. Anyway, you get to choose your sides from fries, onion rings or mashed potato. We chose onion rings. 

End our meal with a Tiger mug and Jerry's mug.

They are at: 277 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799505

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