Culinary | Home Cook's Journal IV

Not much of cooking so I shall consolidate all in one post. And then to end with my daily food feeds. Why not? Just feed you visually with all and nothing but FOOD. Plus new thread for Purchases of the Week (if any).

23 Nov 2014

1) Scrambled Egg & Hashbrowns (Breakfast)
2) Fried Fish
3) Stir-fried Broccoli
4) Fried fishcake
5) Campbell soup

I used like 4 eggs to cook for 2 pax. Pour a little HL milk into the egg mixture. The first try wasn't that perfect. So I got the grip and so did it the 2nd one which is much better. I guess once I pour in the mixture, I should start mixing continuously till it forms that scrambled egg look. Yes I got it. More try makes everything perfect. Should buy some bacon too. Next round.

Marinated the fish on Sat before heading out for gathering. Probably we really like our food to be tasty and the husband has this heavy taste bud, we leave our marinated food in the fridge for 1-2 days for better absorption.

Okay... I have to blame myself for being such a cheapskate ass. Bought this 3 pcs of fish at NTUC for $2+ and end up how? Lots of bones. Not enjoying such fish. I shall head to fish stall in future. Nice and tasty though.

I love broccoli and I choose to eat broccoli for healthy eating. I boiled them with pinch of salt to retain the colour. Stir fried with just minced garlic and onion plus abalone sauce. Little bits of water and chicken broth. Done. But I find that I have overcooked the broccoli. Okay. I shall have a better control of my fire next round.

Husband likes to have fishcakes this way because you get the feel instead of cooking with vegetables. Probably because the thickness. But then he also likes having it with vegetables. I'm trying to write more so I just talk nonsense. Okay. This is a good frying because I control the timing and heat well. No charred!

Now, I'm so into having my meals in this way. Superb appetizing. Just like when we are young, my mum used to buy a kiddy plate for us and we have rice in the middle, vegetables and meat on the smaller space on the plate. You know you can have all the food with rice on one plate. I like. So nostalgia. 

25 Nov 2014

Menu: Golden Seafood Fried Rice
Ingredients: Prawns, Fishcakes, Peas, Egg Yolks, Hashbrowns (I think as he mentioned)

Okay this plate of fried rice doesn't come easy. By the husband. And it dreads him to cook and wash after. Excuse me... I always cook and wash over the weekend without complaining. He didn't complain, just black face through out. Never mind then. This fried rice is damn tasty. He used like 2-4 egg yolks to achieve this colour. Well done! Colour balance. Love it.

28 Nov 2014

Menu: Brownie Cake

Seriously, this box of premix has been lying in my kitchen cabinet for too long. And instead of procrastinating (due to many failure attempts), I decided to give it a try again. The previous attempt on cookies using Betty Crocker failed and till now I wonder if it is because I don't know how to control the oven. 

But this attempt on brownie was good. But instead I used 60 mins to bake this brownie cake instead of 50-55 mins indicated behind the box. A success and I think baking noobs like me really need all these premix (or probably good ones) to boost our confidence and morale in baking. I believe I can. And yes, I bake a nice brownie out though the appearance doesn't look good. Scrape off the ugly part and let those good ones remain for my consumption. One lesson learnt, must put grease paper on the tin before pouring the mixture in. Too rush and too mindful whether a success or not to bother about all these small details. Right. Get it.

29 Nov 2014

Squeeze lemon juice for our attempt of healthy lifestyle. Quite persistent now. Started my lukewarm lemon water every morning since 27 Nov 2014. I dragged my husband in for this too and can't wait to see what it can help or do to us. One thing for sure at the moment is that pimples pop out on my butt and also on my husband's face in just few days after the start. What does that mean? Can anyone tell me? Shall google more information on that but meanwhile, persistence is the key to success.

I still continue with my hot green tea during office hours. And squats and leg side lifting every night. How about that? I want to go running again.

My Daily Food Feeds

17 Nov 2014

Was having dinner at Anchorpoint's Koufu food court after speed shopping at IKEA. This Fried Fish Tom Yum Noodles has 3 different taste which I have figured out, SWEET/SPICY/SALTY. Decent fried fish. I chose the laksa noodles and totally feel like nothing goes into my stomach. 

18 Nov 2014

I had my feed of wantan mee at the other stall for breakfast. The one that is always long queue during lunch time as compared to the other one. This actually loses out in terms of char siew and sauce used. Rough texture (char siew) and a little bland (sauce).

20 Nov 2014

Oh now I can go a little bit lux for lunch at Subway because, that's the benefit of working in university. Discounts and more discount. My Cold Cut Trio at $3.80 (no cookies no drinks). Yummy yum yum... 

My new found love for this snack. Bought it at CO-Ops at $1 each. Both are superb duper yummy. Oh man.. how not to get fat? But it is way better than in my previous company with a pantry full of snacks. That's even more crazy. I don't keep snacks now in my office but only green tea bags. Tell me about it.

21 Nov 2014

Do you like dry fishball noodles in this way? I love it so much esp with yellow noodles and kway teow. With a little chili. Nice. Fresh fishballs and fishcake. Filled the tum tum to begin the morning happily.

Purchases of the week

Shall start this thread to show you peeps my purchases for kitchen/cooking/baking.

I have this fetish on free gifts and I have seen many buying this cream cheese for the measuring cups/spoons in the FB group. So I bought it. Gonna make cheesecake soon. Got the recipe online.

Bought this again for the measuring cup. Okay lah. Also wanted to try the lava cake. I have got all the porcelain baking bowls of different sizes. Oh man... what should I bake this coming weekend. Can't decide yet... Too many choices.