[Invite] Jingle Bells this season with Panasonic!

This is a season to be jolly,
La la la lala, la la la la....
It's Christmas time!

Running out of ideas this Christmas? Presents and presents but then receiving something that you may not like or useful? Little efforts made in getting presents? On budget? 

To add personal touch this festive season, I write greeting cards and also build nanablocks to create a SMS/WhatsApp greeting message. This is better than forwarding some mainstream greetings from don't know where to family and friends through msgs. Lack the creativity. 

Or maybe you can be a Santa Claus yourself by baking some homemade goodies and sending your love to everyone you know or maybe strangers too. Giving back time to the society.

Attended a cooking demo at Panasonic Singapore Cooking Studio and was so inspired to do so. It is hassle-free and takes little effort to get great results from the bakes. Most importantly the joy of baking that brings smiles to everyone.


Here they have a small yet cozy cooking studio where you see shelves of the different models of Panasonic ovens, blenders, rice cookers and so on. Not forgetting their bread-maker. Superb awesome. The lady who's back facing me is Theresa, the Cooking Mama of Panasonic. She is with Panasonic for the past 44 years. OMG! Salute. I guess she is one of the longest serving employee in Panasonic (I guess only). The most I heard of from my previous company was 30 years. Like she said, it is important whether you like your job or not. You won't wanna drag yourself up every morning to work. That tells the different. She enjoys her job even till now. Panasonic really treasure this gem in their company.


I guess this is a great gift for your family and friends, esp for those baking friends and even those who wanna join the baking bandwagon. It is easy to use and clean. Most importantly, it is portable and you can bring it to friends' house to kick start a baking spree. That makes a very good activity to participate in.

Inside look for the bread-maker
Bread Pan and Kneading Blade
From Left to Right: Yeast Dispenser and Raisin & Nut Dispenser
Just throw everything in and done! Get ready for the aroma filled the whole place...


Let's get on with the cooking demonstration by Theresa using Panasonic Breadmaker and oven.

Courtesy of Panasonic Singapore

Before that, they baked a Raisin Bread to show us how it will look like. Superb crusty as they cut out every slice of the bread (for both wheat and raisin bread). Softness on the inside. And it doesn't sticks to the bread pan. I'm so afraid of that because.... I need to wash real thoroughly. And before that, let me show you a video of the kneading process inside Panasonic SD-P104 Bread Maker.


Saw the process in the video? Call me a mountain tortoise but I was like so fascinated with how it knead the dough. I believe it is for consistency and if we were to knead with our bare hands, the application of strength can be different. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

You can control the colour of the crust, a light or standard which the above 2 breads are of the latter. Looks awe and cute when you see the ready loaf in the bread pan saying Hello. Made directly for the breadmaker.

Courtesy of Panasonic Singapore
Imagine you can save your strength in stirring the muah chee? This bread-maker will do the job. Made directly from the bread-maker too. So just sit back and relax.

The texture here do look like beancurd. Agree or not?
Forming in progress. Almost ready.
The end product. This is the bottom view. A hole in the middle because of the kneading blade.
Mixing with the peanut mixture. This is simple and anyone can do this at home.


Courtesy of Panasonic Singapore
Before it is put in the oven to rise
After rising for 50 minutes at 40C in the oven

Here the fresh out of oven Focaccia. Looks like pizza doesn't it? Oh... I'm so inspired by Theresa to bake all these lovely goodies now. I just need a little bit push and determination to do it. Just wanna get more brownie points for Wifey Material, though I'm a wife already.


Theresa is showing us Tuna Bun Rolls and we can actually explore further into other flavours like hotdogs, luncheon meat bun rolls. Heard from others that some even innovate it with Orange Peels, Apricot, Nasi Lemak and many more. Theresa was impressed with the creativity. 

Theresa did a very nice round dough. It definitely take years of experience. Can never be like her without years and efforts put into practicing. Take a look at the video below. Swiftly, she got the dough into round shape.

Now the dough are ready to rise in the oven for 50 mins at 40C. Water is sprayed on the surface so that it will turn out fluffy after baking. Once it is done, is filling up the buns with delicious stuffing.

After topping with the tuna mixture (tuna strips and mayo), there is this mozerella cheese. Decorate as much or as how you want your buns to be. It is gonna be a visual and taste treat later on.

And then a topping of paprika to make the overall looks more appealing. Nice right? After it is out from the oven, even nicer.

We have here a tray of piping hot tuna bun rolls that looks so beautiful and not only that, tasty and fragrance. All of us can't wait to get our hands on that bun. 

One of Panasonic folks brought her homemade curry bun rolls to the studio which is also using Panasonic Breadmaker for the dough kneading. A little cold (because brought in much earlier before we arrive) but then definitely tasty and fluffy bun. 


1) Yeast is to be kept in the fridge;
2) Use cold water for bread/bun making;
3) Dust some flour on your clean hands before kneading/rolling the dough on the board;
4) Spray water on bun rolls for fluffy texture;
5) Invest in a weighing machine and not just estimate the quantity;
6) If you are a bread lover, invest on a bread knife too (Theresa's cost her a 100 bucks).

So do you find that all the above recipes are just so appropriate for this festive season? Whether you are throwing a Christmas or New Year party at home, heading out for a potluck with friend, or probably for a picnic, this is just great and easy goodies to make using Panasonic Bread-maker. It can also turn into gifts for your family and friends this season. It is so warmth and every homemade goodies add a personal touch. The heart that counts. Send your love to everyone out there this Christmas/New Year.


After this event, I felt that what I always insist on cooking at home on weekends is right. Homemade/Homecooked food is always better than takeaways or dining outside. You choose the almost of ingredients you wanna put in your cooking/baking and you have control on the amount of oil, salt, sugar to put into your cooking/baking so that you can eat healthy. That benefits not only you but also the whole family. Also, homemade/homecooked food creates a bonding with your family and friends. You bake/cook together with them on any occasions, exchanging pointers on baking/cooking, laughter and aroma bursting out from the kitchen. This is so much love and happiness. Hey hey... you can initiate a Team Building program in your company and get everyone to bake too. Fun and it does require team work. Just look at how Panasonic folks help around during the Theresa's demo. If I have got enough money for another bread-maker, shall buy it for my brother's house-warming. Something practical.

And then, as my husband is not a bread lover honestly, I'm gonna up my skills on flavoured bun rolls because he won't resist on that. Me too. Maybe when he sees me doing it, he may want to do it himself. He is not pro in baking and neither do I. But I never give up. Panasonic Bread-Maker is yet another boost to my confidence in baking. I have so much ideas right now and can't wait to share when I got hold of my bread-maker.


Lastly, thank you Panasonic Singapore and OMYsg for the awesome Saturday afternoon. Really enjoy this event and learn quite a bit from everyone of you there.

For more information, check out their website at www.panasonic.com or their Facebook page at facebook.com/sgpanasonic.