A Closure of 2014

Have not been sleeping much for the past 1 week because I'm packed with dinner gatherings this festive season. But okay, happy of course along with tiredness which led to a sulky face in the end. Whatever! Let me spam my photos from last week up to year end. Long picture post.

15 Dec 2014

Went for manicure pedicure at First Lady since husband is working late. And I have to paint my toes to cover that ugly sight as usual. So they did a Christmas theme nails for me. Instead of the usual green and red for Christmas, they did a blue Christmas for me. Something special than usual. 

If you live in Woodlands area, go First Lady. Conveniently located at the overhead bridge beside Admiralty MRT.

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16 Dec 2014

A gathering finally with my ex-colleagues from Keppel. Catching up with our work and life. All are well, and busy of course with their work. Everything gets better for everyone. I'm glad about that. And we took pictures together after the meal with their selfie stick. So funny and noisy over at our table because figuring out the positioning to get everyone in. Haha...

Initially we wanna try Bijin Nabe at Chinatown but end up with long queue and that a little unreasonable requirements of finishing our meal in 1.5 hours plus, you have to have everyone here before you can go in. Like if you book a table for 5 and only 4 came, have to wait for the last one to arrive before proceeding because they timed you from the minute you order. WTF! I was like never mind. It better not be a permanent practice throughout because I'm not very impressed for that.

So we head for Korean BBQ which is just diagonally across the Japanese restaurant (for Bijin Nabe).

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17 Dec 2014

An annual Xmas gathering with my ladies. This year is a rare full strength with their kids around. Ya lah... only me still not yet have kids.

My friend ordered a mini buffet from Neo Garden and is love! I love the tupperware and took 1 back home. The food is good too. I ordered from them on my Guo Da Li in May and everyone is satisfied with the food. But is pricey.

The 2nd year I bought Christmas cakes from Mr Bean. This log cake here was ordered like a week or more before the gathering. My girlfriends and kids love it. Lucky never go to waste. Woohoo... I think usually chocolate cakes are quite sellable. Shall go for their cakes again next year and many years. Guilt-free cakes. Made of soy beans. Why not? Just have it in moderation and healthy diet is achievable.

Merry Christmas from Dearies Club! And the kiddos.

18 Dec 2014

Went back my parents' home for dinner. Dad suggested having steamboat and I guess he is like a prophet because that evening is raining and so perfect for steamboat. Do the right thing at the right time. My mum all of sudden very creative because the soup base was used with Campbell Soup's Cream of Chicken. She couldn't get the chicken broth which she saw us using in May when we shifted in to this new house. She used like half of it and the rest is don't know what. The taste turns out good.

Bought some cakes home for them to bring in that celebratory mood and also for my dad who successfully got rid of his ordeal after the 2nd operation. This year is really a tough year for the whole family and I'm glad everything is good now to usher the New Year. 

19 Dec 2014

Finally a night at home but have to wait up for a delivery of hamper to our house. It arrives at about 10 near 11 in the night. Very busy this festive season with so many deliveries. The lady said she can deliver up to 1 am and this is very common for her. 

20 Dec 2014

Nothing special. Just went back his house for dinner. It seems like I have not been cooking at home for quite awhile. Okay... I shall cook soon. Wait up for my post.

21 Dec 2014

Went down in the morning to support my 2 friends' new shop opening. They co-own with another partner. It is called XT Body Nails Face. The shop is located at  Block 501 Jurong West Street 51 #02-257 Singapore 540501.

They had a roadshow that morning with lots of opening promotions going on. Saw many ladies signing up either for their slimming packages, manicure pedicure packages or facial packages. A very hot weather that day until we left in the afternoon when it started to get cloudy. Luckily everything went smooth for them that day and of course we Chinese believe that water is fortune. Raining doesn't mean bad. Like on that day of my wedding, it rains even heavier. 

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22 Dec 2014

Went for the last food tasting session with Paradise Group at Beauty in the Pot located conveniently at One KM mall. Raining heavily that evening. 4 of us having that hotpot is more than enough.

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23 Dec 2014

Meet my one of my ladies form the clique for dinner. She chose Tanjong Pagar and we went in search for a place for dinner and drink. After dinner, walk along Tanjong Pagar Road to collect info for my bro on bridal shoot and also to check out what food outlets are available for my next meet-up with my clique. So many Korean restaurants. And then we walked all the way to Ann Siang Hill and settled for a pint of beer before le husband picked me up voluntary from work.

We were at Noti Restaurant and Bar. So punny the name.

And on my way home, I am at my maximum endurance to my pee. Have to stop at Yio Chu Kang Sports Complex just to pee. End up, le husband decided to have sushi for his dinner. Yes he hasn't taken his dinner. I had some only.

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24 Dec 2014

Tried the new malay food stall in the canteen. Nasi Lemak at $1.80.

Then when about to go home, my another office's colleague sent some cakes to me because her department is having lunch buffet. Why my department don't have and have to wait till 8 Jan? Superb sad. Like a kitten being neglected by the mother. Okay lah. Fruits day, I got my share. Once a while buffet, I got my share. Red packet during Chinese New Year, I got my share. Just that sometimes, I don't like. What can you do to me?

Half day on Eve. Came home with a sulky face. Exhausted + Irritated. Went to collect my new glasses and altered dress & pants. Le husband decided on giving me a new pair of glasses for Christmas present. And unintentionally, I got myself a Ray Ban glasses. I look weird. Not used to the glasses yet. Gonna grab contact lens soon. Finally an optical shop near me. If not have to travel back to Jurong. But probably if I pop by Jurong, I can grab from my usual optical shop.

Spent the Eve at home, lazing with le husband with nothing much. I had fried carrot cake and he had economical rice. Christmas Eve dinner. Thereafter, am lying on the sofa watching telly till I fall asleep.

25 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas everyone.

Never went out to buy breakfast. Wake up early in the morning and do laundry. Then afternoon head out to my uncle's house for Christmas party. The usual one every year. Presents and more presents. Food too. But I am quite good at controlling what I want to eat. I think mainly because nothing I fancy. But I had a lot of longans. Cannot stop though I know too much is heaty.

Then went back to my parents place to hang around till evening to head over to in-law's place.

Then my sis-in-law baked a log cake for the celebration after our steamboat dinner.

And then here is my presents from the usual people... Thank you everyone.

26 Dec 2014

Happy Boxing Day! Back to work and the weirdo a.k.a boss came back from holiday after a week. Boo... But okay lah. He is not very pushy because I managed to do quite a bit of stuff. I think he is suffering from post-holiday syndrome. Haha... And he gave a box of Mung Bean Cake from his Taiwan trip to me. Steady right? He got that from the popular store in Taiwan, Vigor Kobo (维格). I used to go there buy 凤梨酥 when I'm in Taiwan.

27 Dec 2014

Cooking at home finally. After my morning marketing, came home to cleaning up the house. Then prep the food to cook. Wanna see? Got miss my journal? Alright. Be back soon.

Who miss this breaded scallop cake? I come to know of its existence in my Primary School days. So cheap at 10cts, I can have all on my own. During my Primary school days, I will be kind of disappointed when this scallop cake is sold out. I can just stand in front of the stall and wonder what is next that I can buy. Lol. Available at NTUC Fairprice.

Took the pork meat from his house on Christmas Day so decided to cook it with long beans. Everything was good except that le husband said the beans can be cooked a little more longer.

Well... since Christmas Day, I kept wondering who gave this to me. Either my bro or my uncle. The last time I receive Royce Chocolate is on my housewarming day. My bro's gf a.k.a wife (ROM only) gave us a Matcha flavour. I wonder this box is it from her. Hmm... But anyway, thank you. I love it. And silly me. I put it under the sun and it melts like mad. I didn't open it and just pop in my fridge. Luckily, still edible.

28 Dec 2014

Hosted his friends to our house for steamboat. This is like a long-awaited steamboat because we are always hopping to either of his 2 friends a.k.a buddies house. And this fellow, my husband, don't really like to host people to our house because he finds it troublesome. EXCUSE ME! I bought and prep for the stuff. He don't need to do anything. Just boil the soup and mop and wash. Hard meh? I also got play a part in what he does too. So who is doing more? Troublesome again, I will shout at him.

Also bought a mini cake to celebrate his birthday one day in advance. He is damn pai seh because he said so old liao still celebrate. Anyway, who cares right?

To conclude on steamboat/hotpot, I think just this month I had 4 times. 1st at my parents' house, 2nd at Beauty in the Pot, 3rd at his house and lastly, our house. Superb year-end thingy which unavoidable. I wonder Chinese New Year will steamboat again at my parent's house or not.

29 Dec 2014

My husband's birthday. Woohoo... Takeaway dinner as he is clearing his annual leaves. Okay I have already bought him present so he can't ask for more. I know he won't. If not, I will ask even more on my birthday.

Initially we plan to go for seafood dinner at Sentosa but then too bad. So after work, I stopped by at the nearest coffeeshop from our house and bought Chilli Crab and Yang Chow fried rice for birthday dinner. Seriously I never had crabs at home. The last time I think was when I'm still a kid. And remember that the live crabs which my parents put near to the window, one 'commit suicide'. So funny. But still manage to have it with the one and only.

This chilli crab is just nice for 2 of us. The fried rice is too much for us that I can bring the leftovers to work for lunch. Full die us. But is good. The fried rice is tasty and fragrance. Even before we start tucking in, the aroma is alluring. The crab was good too but is a waste that I didn't buy the fried bun. *Slap forehead* I will not repeat the same mistake again.

30 Dec 2014

Had our dinner at Penang Street, NUH Medical Centre.

Buah Long Long
Nasi Kandar
Le husband wasn't impressed by what he is having and commented that it is so different from the looks in the menu. As usual, what's new about food styling? Mediocre taste.

KL Fried Hokkien Mee
This plate of hokkien mee here is of my liking though it is not at its best. Fresh prawns. A little chewy texture for the noodles. Different from those we had at coffeeshop. Probably this is how KL fried hokkien mee should be.

Then went home to bake a chiffon cake. But again it fails on me. FML!

31 Dec 2014

Didn't give up on Chiffon cake and bake another one in the morning with airfryer but fail again.

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And with that mood, I fried a plate of noodles for le husband as brunch.

Throw in the steamboat ingredients and cooked up this plate. And he is the one who asked me to use Chicken broth and then you see lah, end up with a sour taste. So both of us conclude: no chicken broth when attempting fried noodles. Previous attempts was good actually. But you see lah, at least edible and presentable. What's with that stupid chiffon cake? FML big times.

Anyway, tonight on the last day of 2014, I'm hanging out with my friends at KTV and le husband will be at his friend's house for potluck.

Happy 2015 to all my readers out there! Thanks for patronizing my blog this past 1 year or maybe longer. Hope all are well and 2015 will be a better year for all of us. LOVE CHU!!!