Food Tasting | Beauty in the Pot @ One KM

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?

Beauty? Pretty?
Long Silky Hair? Fair Skin?
Healthy? Exercise? Ample Sleep?

I finally understand why many ladies out there are always researching on the latest beauty trends, what to use for your skin, hair and so on. The remedies to eliminate stubborn fats, flabby arms and so on. Although I never go to the extreme (still having bad hair days and pimpled face), but I already believe that it has helped to make my skin better and digestive system well. On the other hand, I still stand firm on my ground that beauty from within is better than on the surface. 

The recent trend of healthy lifestyle, healthy eating has led to many rethinking about their diet and how it can affect our health overall. Too greasy lunch? Too salty or spicy? Heavy dinner/supper? 

Read many raving reviews on Japanese Collagen Soup a.k.a 美人锅 and I have yet to try. Now we have another choice now which is Paradise Group's latest concept, Beauty in the Pot at One KM

This hotpot concept is exactly influenced by healthy eating that will also bring out the beauty within. Anyone loves to gather with friends for a steamboat/hotpot on chilly days? I do. So this is perfect and I can eat healthy without feeling guilty after that. Happy tum tum!

Located at Level 2 of One KM, you will realize that the chain of dining concepts by Paradise Group are all around. Take example like Para Thai (#02-23) and Paradise Dynasty (#02-33). Now Beauty in the Pot (#02-21). How nice to have 3 different concepts on one level. Remember to go for a walk around the mall for Christmas shopping after your dinner.  

Let me spam all my food photos to drool you out!

A oriental style restaurant, which you can see from their cutlery. And you will be given soup base in bottles form (on the right) to add into your hotpot when the soup dries up.

Here we have a Twin Flavours Broth 鸳鸯锅 ($25), one side is spicy 麻辣 and the other of collagen soup base. Nearly get choked by the spicy soup base because of the chilli flakes. End of the day, the collagen soup base is still the best. Savoury and the after-taste lingers in your mouth for awhile. It has this bony taste. Nice. Take a look at both broth. They put in wolfberries (both broth), red dates and ginseng and longan (in spicy broth).

See the soup boiling, time to put in all the food in and start our dinner. A row of Assorted Balls Platter ($10) up on our table. 4 different flavours of meat balls from prawns, meat, seafood and so on.

The Fried Beancurd Skin ($3). Portion isn't enough though but very tasty and remember peeps, don't let in boil in the soup for too long. Quite a big piece when it is cooked in the soup.

We ordered Sliced Mutton ($8) and US Angus Prime Short Ribs ($12) for the meat section. Fresh and tender texture. A must have for both.

Here is Fried Fish Skin ($5) and Fresh Sea Prawn ($13). Highly recommend the Fried Fish skin. Must have. Taste crispy on its own before throwing into the pot. And when cooked in the pot, it tastes so smooth.

Let me introduce to you the Ebiko Prawn Paste ($12) in the (bottom left) bowl. This paste is put into the soup and it really enhances the soup taste further. My friends and I love the collagen soup to the max. Can't help getting refill. We can fill our stomach with their collagen soup.

We don't seems to have enough of food because the collagen soup is too nice to stop. So we ordered extra assorted balls platter, fried fish skin and assorted mushrooms. You see! Fried fish skin is a must have.

Last but not least, we end our meal after 2 hours with their Fruit Tea, and also their Yuzu Sorbet dessert. Icy and cool. Love sorbet to the max.

Other sides we order for the hotpot like Assorted Dumplings Platter ($10), Signature HM Fish Tofu ($5.40) (must have, 3 pieces/plate in a carp design), Baby Romaine Lettuce ($2.50), Assorted Mushrooms Platter ($12) and Sliced Winter Melon ($2).

We love the service at Beauty in the Pot. Their captain will bow 90 deg when she finished serving our table. This is every single time when she is at our table. So polite and soft spoken. Good explanation on the food before helping us to put the food and paste into the pot. And also offer to change our plate when it is full with shells and sort.

No need to wait in queue for half an hour or more. No need to rush yourself to finish your meal in 1.5 hours. Come down now to Beauty in the Pot at One KM! Guilt-free meal for us ladies especially.

Credit: Paradise Group