Culinary | Home Cook's Journal V

It is yet another cooking journal of mine presenting to you here... I'm getting more and more lazy to blog... Not much of fulfillment or satisfaction. Because no recognition. Whatever. I just do whenever I can. Never go travelling so not much of travel posts after my last trip to Melbourne. Looking forward to more photography workshops by Canon. Probably next year already. Most importantly, looking forward to more event invites, sponsorships and etc. Anyway, please wait up for more of my posts this month as I'm packed with quite a bit of activities because of Christmas. More photos to drool u inside out.

4 Dec 2014

A night baking which comes from a sudden urge to succeed in doing the simplest chiffon cake since I bought the tin for months. I went on Youtube to get a video/recipe for the basic/simple chiffon cake. 


3 egg yolks, 4 egg whites, 80g sugar (2 portions: 40g for egg yolk, 40g for egg white), 50g cake flour/all-purpose flour, 40g milk, 50g neutral oil (vegetable or canola oil)

1) Mix egg yolks with portion of sugar (beat till pale in colour)
2) Mix flour with egg yolk mixture
3) Add oil and milk into (2)
4) Mix egg whites with portion of sugar with a pinch of salt till top peak (meringue)
5) Fold half by half egg white mixture into mixture (3)
6) Tap the mixture before pouring into the tin
7) Bake in 340F (175deg) for 20-25 minutes

Let me know if you have a better recipe. Drop me a mail.

Succeeded. But still room for improvement. The top part (which in turns become the bottom part) is soggy. I wonder is it that I never beat the mixture well or need longer bake like 5 more minutes. Hope to improve it again. Soon.

Not having a nice appearance but being motivated by veteran bakers at FB Group, Baking Corner. Love you all. I will get there some day.

6 Dec 2014

Made our own breakfast on Sat morning. I did mine a Scrambled Egg w Hashbrown sandwich. Instead of always the mainstream sunny sideup or omelette to go with, scrambled is good too. 

Then for husband, his is omelette with the famous Jalan Kayu otar. Shiok max. The only thing is we didn't toast the bread. 

As for our dinner, we settled for fried beehoon with assorted fried food platter, which you can see at those Economical Beehoon/Fried noodles stall. Feeling great about that. I wanna open such stall. Tedious but satisfying.

7 Dec 2014

Did our breakfast again. This time, double sandwich. We have leftover luncheon meat from Sat so why not? Save some bucks on breakfast. But actually not. Because need to pick up some kitchen stuff. Life of a weekend housewife.

A layer for sunny sideup, another for luncheon meat. Shiok max yet again.

Our dinner is a simple fare with stir-fried cabbage, fried fish and fried tofu. I learnt something again from the husband. Put corn flour on the fish that's gonna be fried so that the oil won't splash and scald us. Love our fish. Marinate overnight from Sat and superb tasty plus moisture is retained within. I'm superb proud of our marination recipe for chicken and fish. *clap clap*

I think I'm hooked in cooking. Getting used to it and also learning more each time. Guidance from the husband. I hope it is the same for baking. At least for now I do see some progress. KTHXBYE!