Food Review | Nantsuttei

Mi and my guy frequent Marina Square area so no doubt we will hang around Millienia Walk and Suntec, sometimes even Marina Bay Sand. 

So at Parco Millienia (or Parco Marina Bay)  Level 3, there is one corner of the floor which is like a Little Japan because you can find many bistro serving Japanese food. You can find Ma Maison, Ramen Keisuke and now introducing to you, Nantsuttei. Please be early as the crowd comes at about 7pm onwards.

This is inside the restaurant. Quite a small one, which probably can accommodate up to 30 pax? For you to find our.

In this menu, there are many different types of Ramen, side dishes and rice to choose from. Their price is a little high but the portion of the food justified it. Price range from $12 to $16 or more. And I saw a notice that says half price for gyoza or wontan from Mon-Thurs from 4pm to 9pm. Not sure if it is from a period of time.

Also there is a little guide on hotness level. Choose from that if you think is not hot enough for you in your ramen.

We ordered Golden Curry Ramen $15, Chashu-men $16 and Yude Wontan $6.

From the photos, both ramen look so similar but you know that the taste is the only way to tell the different and most importantly, the portion is big and satisfying.

Golden Curry Ramen
For Golden Curry Ramen, my guy finds that it is not spicy enough (even though it says curry) so you can add according to your tolerance level. The taste is average.

For Chashu-men, just nice for me. I don't really take spice so this is best choice for anyone who is not a spice person. What submerge from the meat is the soup and it is tender. Nice chewing it.

As for Yude wontan, average taste. I will choose gyoza next round because in some places, you may get crispy and juicy ones. Wontan is just like those we had in dumpling soup. Plus point is the filling inside. Fresh.

There are many places selling ramen and you can even get instant packs from supermarkets. But what makes them different is their effort put in the making of the soup and cooking of noodles. That's my own thoughts.

Come try it. You might have a different view from mine.

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