Food Review | Dip n Go by Old Chang Kee [Halal-Certified]

As you know, Woodlands Exchange has just opened not long ago. Lots of food outlets gathering there like bakeries, Pepper Lunch, Sushi Express, Burger King and many more others non F&B outlets. You can't imagine yourself having finger food further after a big bowl of noodles for dinner. And my guy did it. I'm a follower.

Look at the portion and you know is a lot and I tried to finish up everything as not to waste money. And yes I did. And I told myself I'm not gonna stuff anymore food into my mouth.

But thanks to my guy. I have to. Because we come across Dip n Go at Woodlands Exchange at Woodlands MRT. It is a sister brand of Old Chang Kee. Well done. But I wonder why they use a rooster to symbolise this brand. Ya I look at their menu, lots of items are related to chicken. I guess that's the reason. 

But it looks cute, isn't it? A very cheery rooster aka chicken. Nice! Never fail to please. Eh but again, why Dip n Go? Dip, I can understand because dip their food in the sauce but why GO? Go where? Go as in going into your mouth and munch? I can't find any answer in Old Chang Kee's website too. But anyway who care right? Just eat!!!

The board right in front of cashier is where you can pick your choice. There are 5 different dips to choose from: BBQ, Teriyaki Mayo, Fiery Chilli, Wasabi Mayo and Cheddar Cheese. We have their finger food for 2 consecutive days. Hahahah... So we have tried their BBQ and Fiery Chilli sauce. The BBQ sauce is a little sour (or maybe the taste is meant to be like this) but still nice and bearable. Suits my palate. As for Fiery Chilli sauce, not very spicy yet a little taste of sweetness from within. Not bad a choice. 

For me, there is kind of limitation to their menu. I have to buy at least their Signature Combo Meal instead of just Ala Carte. They have Ala Carte menu but only one miserable item: I think is Chicken Wing. Can't remember. But on the other hand, the thought of having their combo is great too because you may feel thirsty  and needed a drink. The Signature Combo comes with their Main + Dip + Drink. Their choice of drinks is limited too and all soft drinks. Despite their limitation, I still love their food, like how I love Old Chang Kee's chicken wing and sotong. Yummy Yummy...

It is quite a small outlet with no seatings. A take-away type of food outlet. This is another side of their shop. With these, I was guessing their Signature food should be Chicken nuggets and Chicken chunks. If not why it says 'Take me for a dip!'? Or am I just too naive?

Here is the collection counter, just next to their cashier. I wonder this 3 big things is it for show or really have sauces in there for customers to take? I doubt so. Because their sauces are quite special and what if customers squeeze damn a lot? So not worth. I think for display. I really think it is.

At their counter, you can see their varieties of finger foods and I have tried Jumbo Squids on Day 1 and Seafood rings on Day 2 and both are awesome. And I superb like their plastic container. At first when I was handed over with this container, I asked my guy where is our drink. Yes the drinks are below the food and don't worry that the drinks will get into the food or vice versa. No no worries okay? The top part where they hold the food and dip can be taken out. And there is a small hole for you to poke your straw for the drinks below, at the bottom of this container. Wonderful right? You don't need to hold your food one hand and drinks on the other. So convenience. And somemore you can wash clean and use it for other purposes. For me I kept the two. I will find ways to utilize it appropriately. Very environmental friendly. Good job Old Chang Kee aka Dip n Go!

See my Jumbo Squids on top or not? The taste is very nice. Crispy on the outside, springy on the inside. The dip of the day is BBQ sauce. Don't need my elaboration further. It has been described above. There are about 4 big pieces and costs $5.90. Worth it or not? Please judge yourself. To me, is slightly pricey but worth a try once awhile.

By the way, a little advice here. It will be good if you have it instantly. My guy said that it tastes a little soggy because we brought it back home before having it. It actually turns a little cold than at first but I still find it good. Not really very soggy. I like the chewing part. Hahaha... 

And this is their seafood rings that we had on the following day. The dip of the day is Fiery Chilli sauce. As usual, the outside is crispy and not very dry because still can taste the little juiciness from within. The inside is soft and tender, melts in your mouth and there are fish and sotong taste. There is about 6 pieces (1 of them you can't see because is below the 5 pieces) and it costs $5.90. Worth it or not, you judge. 

Ta-da. This is how it looks after cleaning up. Let me give you a suggestion since I have ideas popping out. Re-use it for your nachos treat. Don't you just find it ideal for that? Put the cheese on one side and Nachos on the other bigger compartment on the other side. And the bottom part, POPCORNS!!! Or even use that for drinking purpose. Okay one more. If you don't want for any food purpose, put your bouquet of flowers using the bottom compartment (which is meant for the drinks). Wonderful isn't it? You can explore further yourself on the re-using part. I'm quite into this sort of Going Green thingy so I love keeping useful stuff.

So if you want to find out more, check out their Facebook Page at or visit their outlet at Woodlands Exchange which is located conveniently at Woodlands MRT. Turn right when you come out from the gantry. Actually is just outside Causeway Point.

Add on: They are applying for Halal Certification currently and soon our Muslim friends can indulge on nice finger foods together!!! Hooray!

K thank you and bye bye!