Food Review | Shabu Sai + My Weekends

For two Saturdays, I have my activities and so is my guy. Yes he is working. So while at his house, I do nothing but laze around the house, eating, sleeping, watching shows. By myself. And then for two Saturdays evenings, I'm out. 

Last weekend was my Nike She Runs 2013 held at Garden By The Bay East. Before that was the race kit collection at Raffles City. Lots of ladies participating. According to them was about 8000 ladies, more than last year 5000. More ladies are running. Good for them and health plus bonding with their friends or bff.

On the right side is last year's carrier. As usual is big one. But different themes. Last year was cuter than this year. Fierce run this year. That's why. 

The race tee for 2013. Everyone has to run in their tee because the bib number is printed on it. But I love the tee and it's colour. I don't mind walking and running around with this tee.

On the race day, I took an hour ride by train to Stadium MRT to catch their shuttle bus. Actually is quite near from MRT station but have to look carefully see the route to and fro. So I decided to walk my way back to Kallang Leisure Park after the race to meet my guy.

Okay this is at the event venue. I thought I'm early but many ladies are much more earlier. Before that I went to the Ladies to clear all my stomach. I don't want the history to repeat again. I mean last year I had a bad stomachache after the race and the toilet was packed with so many women. Traumatized. So this year I do it before running even if I have to queue up damn long. 

The security was kind of tight than usual due to Boston Marathon bombing. Yes. It is always the case when anything happens in the US, other countries will tighten their security. Good also because many things happens unexpectedly.

It is not even 5pm and ladies are queuing up at the entrance to the start pit. Very kiasu right. So I just follow and stand for an hour plus. 

The gantry is far from me. Haiz... I wanted to run in the first wave but end up at 2nd wave. But luckily not later waves. Because by the time I'm back at the finishing point, long queue again to get our finisher tee and also free HOTDOGS!!! YUM YUM!!!

Yes... Opposite us is MBS and I think is the Flower Dome and Silver Leaf. My guy refused to bring me there for 2nd time because he is always there for work and he is sick and tired of that place. Wahahaha.....

So after a long wait, the race started at 6pm. All the way I run past Marina Barrage, to Flower Dome and u-turn back to a longer way to reach our finishing point. Phew... Timing is bad. Very bad. 31 minutes. I don't want to put the blame on narrow roads and those ladies who are walking (and blocking ways) and more. 

I'm ranked number 145. Superb lousy. But is a good run. So after the race, I panting my way to collect my finisher tee. Nike is so generous this year. Superb like +Nike Singapore. Better than last year. I prefer finisher tee than medal or some others. Because you will wear the tee anytime you like but not wearing the medal around everywhere right? Ya is a memento. Or can we have both? Hahahah...

Not just collected my finisher tee but also a can of isotonic drink, a mineral water and BANANA!!! I rest for awhile before collecting free HOTDOGS!!! If I remember correctly, last year they have photo booth too but superb long queue so drop the idea. This year is the same. Too lazy and tired. So I walked slowly back to Kallang Leisure Park to meet my guy who has been waiting for me since afternoon at Lavendar till 7+pm. 

At the bridge. Nice evening shot. The former Cosy Bay. It's been long since this place shut down and also in my younger days, I've been here for a drink. 

Have something light for dinner but still very heavy. And I even gobble down the hotdog. I ate too much after a run. The next morning, still have to run with my guy for our normal routine run. Superb shack.

My finisher tee. Nice right? Nike Singapore, you are very generous and you love us women so much. Love love Nike!

So that ends my weekend. 

So just yesterday was my 2nd weekend out with my friends this time. They have been nagging at me for not meeting them regularly and so I decided to meet them before my new school term starts. Plus to see my 2 godsons. And also my friend's birthday is next Tuesday so doubt we can meet. So I went Causeway Point early to search for her birthday present. It is a impromptus one so since I'm buying clothes at +Uniqlo so I bought her voucher for her birthday present. Then we met up at Level 5 of Causeway Point, I hand her the tops for her baby aka my younger godson and she hands me my belated birthday present. I also never expect she will give me presents. So surprised. This is what I call friends. Though never meet regularly but we still care for each other. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR FRIEND CHRISTINE!!!!

After a minor renovation, the 5th floor of Causeway Point has become a place when F&B outlets gathered. You can find Gurney Drive, Paradise Dynasty, Crystal Jade Kitchen and many more. And Shabu Sai is one of them.

As it is Saturday evening, long queue is expected plus long wait. If the food is worth waiting, once awhile is still fine for me. I was with my friends and waited for at least half an hour, I guess. Only at about 8+pm then we get our seat for 6 pax + a baby. 

At a price of $24.99++ for adult, we eat all we can. Plus $1.99 each pax, you get free flow of soft drinks and soft serve. Yes soft serve is ice cream. Kids will be happy about that. You get to choose 2 soup bases from 6 of their choices. We chose Curry Dashi Soup and Tonkotsu Shouyu Soup. And I love the curry soup so throughout the meal, my food are dip in curry. I can't resist the great taste. It is a buffet style so we select what we want from their food station. A variety of sauces for you to take and mix too. The only food that they will serve you is their meat. Just let them know your preference (Pork, Beef or Chicken). We chose all three. But the best among the 3 is beef. Yummy. 

I'm a lousy person when comes to buffet as I always take those cheap ones like noodles, fishballs, crabsticks and etc. They have udon, ramen and glass noodles. But surprisingly, their udon is fantastic. It is soft and smooth. I cook them in curry soup. Very nice. My friend and I love it and took another serving. Also the glass noodles can absorb the curry taste quite easily. 

Last order for meat at 9.30pm and they close at 10pm. So if you are a meat eater, order more before times up. Soft serve too. My godson wanted to get for me but too bad, finished. So I had a spoonful of it from my friend. He put a overflowing of rainbow chocolates and is too sweet. I rather have a plain one. 

The overall meal is satisfying and I'm too full, mainly because of udon. So choose wisely. It is a best place for friends gathering. We chat all the way while eating. About our work, life and relationship. Updating one and another. Quite enjoyable. Eh by the way, is not a all women's gathering but with guys too. We share a lot of things. Bickering too. Laughing away. Love it this way. So we end our night outside the arcade. My guy friend gave me a ride back to my guy's place. 

My present from my dear friend since ITE days. Nice set of necklace and earrings. I love it. It is a long story between us because our younger days are full of ups and downs, misunderstandings and many more. This friendship has been for 13 years till date. I cherish a lot and all other friendships too.

Have to end abruptly. K bye I go rest.