Food Review | Fish & Co Express [CLOSED]

By the way, whatever food reviews I do is self-paid. So I got no obligations to give good or bad reviews but to give the facts. It all depends on individual's taste bud. Please remember that real clear.

So I head for lunch at U-Town aka University Town in NUS (National University of Singapore) and decided to try Fish & Co Express. I can't be going all the way there to have +Subway when it is conveniently a throw of stone from my office block. Must try something which is exclusive. Okay I think only U-Town has Fish & Co Express and I haven't explore around the campus at other faculties.

First thing first, the restaurant is just like a fastfood restaurant setting and not like the usual restaurant that we see outside of the campus. But I think that their business is not very good or maybe is because of the bad weather and no one wants to have heaty or fried food or because is probably school holidays. And no one patronise at lunch hours. Can you imagine that? The restaurant is kind of big and one single soul sitting there and the other two, I think is the restaurant supervisor or something. But I still try it despite that because you can't just left out nice food right? I will come to that later. Show you their restaurant's interior.

I superb like their portraits. So retro and artistic. Hmm... when did I feel myself becoming more into artistic stuff? I can't!!! I failed my Arts in school days. 

And then as we all know (especially Singaporeans and those others living in Singapore), they are promoting this Return Tray Movement at food centres, food courts and even fastfood restaurants (I think, never really read about that). I do support this movement but provided the food is nice and at reasonable price. I pay so expensive for yucky food but I have to even return the tray on my own!!! Not correct right? But okay lah. The stall owners don't charge you GST and Service Tax or maybe already included in the price which all of us won't see it. They serve up the food to your table (except food courts), sometimes and some just put SELF SERVICE and price high but yucky food. Lots of all these different stall owners with different types of ways in managing their business. Don't comment further. IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS! WHY CARE?

So at Fish & Co Express, they paste cute stickers on the dining table to remind patrons to return the tray themselves. I do suggest those food centres and etc to do so. I mean they do paste stickers, posters around but so dull! Look at what Fish & Co Express did and I'm so willing to do so due to the cuteness.

There are some more other designs but I can't be going around to snap it down because people will think I'm crazy or trying to copy their stuff. You see. This is how you should do. 

Down with the food now. I ordered Sea Chicken and Fish at $6.95 that includes a drink. I had Coca Cola Light as usual.

The tomato and chilli sauce are self-served. At the cashier counter. Grab it if you need it. If not, don't waste. And so this is my meal. I'm quite looking forward to it as I'm a fried food person. I do hope it doesn't disappoint me again.

A closer look at the set. Fish, Chicken, nachos and garlic rice. What do you think? Before I review, ask yourself what is your first impression of this set? Nice??? Nah??? Nothing special???

Well... Let me tell you this. It is really nothing to rave about. First I mix the bits of fried garlic with the rice. Okay I don't know whether is garlic rice or not but after mixing it, it does taste a little. Because they give too little. Not enough to bring out the aroma and taste. Failed. Lucky I took so chilli sauce even though I'm not really a sauce person. 

So I look at the fried food and couldn't see which is fish or chicken. But when I think back on Long John Silver, I think the piece on the top is fish. And yes bingo, is fish! So those below is chicken then way below is nachos. 

Both fish and chicken are crispy, however I can't taste the chicken until the last few pieces. Pathetic right? I think I'm feasting on oil rather. I really think is kind of oily for both. The texture of both fish and chicken are soft. Really soft which actually melts in your mouth (not in your hand). But a little too oily. I try having it without the coating and just wanna taste the real thing but is too bland. And I have to activate the sauce in order to save it. I doubt they marinate the food. Tasteless. I'm so disappointed. I mean judging from Long John Silver, even if I take away the crispy part, it taste good!!! Anyway the lucky thing is their fish is still fresh and properly thaw. If not, a stale fish taste even worse and zero points for their food. 

And as for that nachos thingy, it seems to me more like tapioca than nachos. Not fresh and crunchy at all. Probably put in their container for quite some times. 

Overall, I give them ♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥. And that includes their nice restaurant interior and a varieties in their menu. It is not pleasing to the palate but for you to find out. I don't mind coming back for their pasta. But already in mind, I foresee not properly cooked spaghetti. Okay I can't just judge this way. Just have to taste it first.

Try them. Give them some support. Cos I maybe wrong. 

Fish & Co. Express at
National University of Singapore

University Town 
1 Create Way, #01-03
Singapore 138602

Tel: 6659 6192

There are other express outlets at Downtown East and also Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.