Skinny is an insult - Part 1

*WARNING* - I can never be like skinny monkey or Anorexic when I'm farking healthy and eating normally. So GET A LIFE!

Okay. I think I had enough of being called a skinny monkey when I am just 1.60 metres and at 51 kg (previously like a year plus ago, I was at 55-56kg). I work hard to get rid of my fats to get the current me and my guy is proud of me. 

Yes he is proud of me able to achieve that and he does not hesitate when I wanted to buy shorts and skinny jeans because I fit in farking well. He sees me running a lot, eating smaller portion (which irritates him because he has to eat my share or throw away), walking stairs without fail, taking walks (which he is farking lazy to walk) and etc. He even taught me correct ways to tone up and also what supplements to take in. All because he trained himself before that's why he has a nice chest and trained arms, plus a nice calves.

And now having the weight I am now with a low risk BMI, I want a toned bod plus good health. Because now how much I eat or eating normally, my weight will rise the most to 52kg and no more, which I am glad because I'm not going back to 55kg anymore. UNLESS, after I get married and pregnant. So by then, becoming a Michelin is okay.

But I hate it when people who call me a skinny monkey is skinny themselves and yet saying they are toned and just right at acceptable weight. Do you find such person irritating? Also when people whom for many farking years keep saying that they want to slim down but keep putting food into their food and never have done so, plus now changing their mind  to wanting a Katy Perry or Rihanna's body because they want to be sexy rather than skinny, find it irritating or not?

First of all, Rihanna is at 1.73 metres with a weight of 57kg plus she is younger than us (me and my friends are mostly born in 1981), born in 1988. Her BMI is 19, low risk.

One friend of mine wanted her body. Yup I can't deny is good. But she is tall. And my friends are short, like me.

Please read this link. for those ignorance friends of mine, or probably they have read before but never acknowledge. That's her interview on how she got her bod. She don't just eat but exercise too. I salute you Rihanna for that.

But my friend who wanted her bod, eat a lot but no exercise because she said she is too busy with work and studies (is a fact) and already lack of time for her son. Yup. What she lacks is time management. *roll eyes*

Now for Katy Perry. 

Gorgeous, doesn't she? Katy Perry is at 1.70 metres with a 59kg weight and born in 1984. Still younger and taller than us right? Her BMI is 20.4, low risk.

Yup she is a typical example of not exercising but she like rope skipping, like me. I love rope skipping because it works overall. I have a few ropes at home because of the love of it.

*Add on* - Katy Perry did something and not totally do nothing to get her own ideal bod. *roll eyes*

*roll eyes* Basically those people who don't work hard for it to get your ideal bod is a loser. Damn loser!

I basically hate it when one end saying want to lose that 'thunder arms' and on the other end eating like a glutton. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????

Then another friend of mine is too obsessed about slimming and dieting but keep saying I'm a skinny monkey.  Let me show you what is skinny monkey!

Are you talking about me?
Hey! This is called skinny monkey!!!! Though I don't have a pretty face nor cute but I am a human and not monkey. Okay although people say ancient times, humans are monkeys version. Whatever!

And I am not like the following too!!! FML AKA FUCK MY LIFE!

I am not like this!!!! To me this is skeleton than what they describe me as a skinny monkey. Damn it.

I'm not like this one too. WTF!!! This is Anorexic mind you. I'm eating well and sleeping well too.

FUCK YOU!!! I'm not this too. I still have boobs please.


This kind of people is sick in their mind and I think they need to go psychic because they are too obsessed of slimming down. And I'm not. I just don't want to go back my old 55kg and I'm eating normally and healthy.

I google and found more pictures. This is extreme and skinny is no longer the appropriate word to describe.

AND I AM NOT LIKE THEM!!!! ANYTHING WRONG WITH HAVING SMALLER PORTION OF FOOD? Absolutely NO! Don't be JUDGMENTAL when seeing people having smaller portion, exercising alot, gyming alot and etc.

People work hard for it. Don't give people advice when you are no better than them but keep insisting that you are better than them. 

Go see this chart to examine the overly obsession of slimming and dieting.

Now I can understand why bloggers can't stand their haters for being judgmental. Even my friends are so JUDGMENTAL CUM IGNORANCE.

NO LIFE!!! I am already not going for slimming but maintaining my weight. I want a farking healthy body so that in future I can have healthy babies. I don't want my kids to be falling sick every now and then. I don't want. I want them to be farking immune to any bad bacteria and etc. Okay they may say that I'm skinny so no strength to even push the baby out or not eating enough and etc. HEY!!! We have a mutual friend who have two boys and she used to be damn skinny in our school days but she can breast-feed her boys for long. I don't know if her boys fall sick quite often or not but only a recent post in her FB, her younger one is sick and have to seek treatment in hospital. Other than that, she never say.  I think this is pretty good rather than everyday telling people their kids sick lah, admit hospital or whatsoever. I'm hearing that almost everyday. The most important person you should seek concern from is your husband and family members. If you wanna tell your friends, maybe a few close ones to share. NOT TO THE WHOLE WORLD LIKE POSTING IN FB PAGE!

Whatever. I am a mouth zip person and I seldom talk about my stuff unless to close friends. I DON'T LIKE TALKING ABOUT THE STUFF IN MY RELATIONSHIP. I WON'T WASH THE LINENS IN THE PUBLIC. GET IT?

Okay back to my topic. Stop that nonsense about me being skinny or whatever. What I want is the following!!! *roll eyes*

Nice and round butt. I'm working towards it!

And a nice bod for bikinis and beaches.

I thank god for Google. They let me source for pictures of all sort to do this lengthy post. 

Basically I have not being having strict diets and have being eating like usual. Yes to my friends, my usual is small portion. What is wrong? Small but a lot of times. What the fark is wrong? 

I complained to my guy before about this and he said they are just jealous. To them they are not jealous because I don't have a nice bod. No boobs no butt no waist. Damn it! I am working towards my nice bod and butt! Can they or not? 

Only know how to criticise me here and there but did nothing to themselves to work hard for something. I work for it. And I damn want it. After achieving all these, I will have my focus on beauty. I do one thing at a time.

That is what I'm going to do. A bit chill now after blabbering out everything. Shit heads!!!

Just let them be in this way. 

Hahahaha... Anyway they are my friends. I still love them but I JUST FARKING NEED TO GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND!!! Fancy calling me a monkey. Go do some soul searching yourself first. Prove to me that you are better than me! 

This post shall extend further to Part 2. Or maybe a Part 3 and so on. So stay tune. The proof of what you call sexy with a nice bod and butt and boobs is coming up. 

Thank you for those pictures found via Google. Those people who have those photos are wonderful. You are LOVED!