Featured! #iheARTwoodlands Instagram Exhibition

I think I know myself that I am a self-proclaimed Instagrammer and very into +Instagram and I post up to date 530 photos. I used to post more on Facebook but I find boring nowadays and that platform has meant for me to play games and read some news, once awhile change cover photos or profile photos. I just more like it on Instagram. The filters that they have are awesome. Follow people or vice versa, it has become part of my daily life because most of the time I'm in there. So is Twitter and Pinterest. 

So I saw this thing going on in Instagram which #SGIG aka Singapore Instagram held a Photowalk in April and is basically in Woodlands. I was like 'Bingo' because most of the weekends I hang out at my guy's place which is Woodlands. I was quite keen but too bad, it clashes with my exam or I should say I'm preparing for examination which gonna happen in 2 days time. So I gave it a miss. However, they continued this theme about Woodlands by getting Instagrammers to share their photos about Woodlands through Instagram. Like what you love about Woodlands. And all it takes is just hashtag #iheARTwoodlands on your photos and that's it. Simple as that. So I submitted two of them and they are taken after my Sunday run in the morning with my guy. Why two only? I must have the mood to take and the right timing too. Never mind. Try my luck. See if one of them is featured or not. 

So like last Saturday (25 May 2013), I was browsing through the feed because I'm boring and I saw this:

I was like 'Hey my name is in the contributors' list!' And yes, you can follow me on Instagram at @iamstellachen . This is a surprise. I am wondering which photos of the two they picked. So I decided to make a trip down to Woodlands Regional Library to check it out on the next day. Pretty excited. Cos I never got selected for any of my photos and this is my debut and is featuring in their mini exhibition. So glad. 

But the weather on the following day nearly pull me down. A very heavy rain plus thunder. But I just went. I just have to go and see. How wet am I, also must go! I even asked my guy to go too after his work. And I waited for him.

Here I am at the library, Level 3. This event is organised by NLB, National Arts Council Singapore and Singapore Instagram, supported by Living Arts, Loving Culture and printed by Epson. You can actually print one photo for free, kindly sponsored by Epson. So loved! 

I just can't help it by snapping this board again. Got my IG name in there as one of the 28 contributors in the list. They selected the photos out of 600-700+ photos under the hashtag #iheARTwoodlands

See all the selected ones hanging there? I'm not sure how many are there but I think roughly 50 or less or, I don't know. There is a photographer snapping away photos of people viewing the photos. Professional photographer hor. Not suka suka type.

Roughly guess which is my photo? If you know me well, you know what sort of photos I will take other than food. Easy or hard???? Fine. Let me tell you then.

Ta-da... This is the one. My guy came so the hand is his, holding for me to snap. NB! He even asked me why they select my this photo!!! *Frown* Don't wish to talk to someone who doesn't appreciate my piece of work. Then he don't know clarify with me on what he just said and I can't really remember but who cares? Other people appreciate will do.

And later on like few days later, #publiclibrarysg mentioned all contributors too in Instagram. My name appeared again!!! *smile*

Anyway the exhibition is over like yesterday (30 May 2013). I would like to thank this opportunity given by #SGIG and #publiclibrarysg for future inspiring photographers and artists. I love it and I superb looking forward to more of these. And also thank the creator of Instagram. You really know what human wants. Awesome dude/babe!

Actually Instagram is easy to use. Go download from your App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Andriod user), create an account and off you go to the journey of instagramming. You can find your friends through Facebook (they have this feature) and you know who you can follow for awesome photos!!! And you can also share your awesome photos or if you just want to share with your friends, private your account is possible too. Find that feature yourself. Is superb easy. Lots of filters to choose from and you can create the different mood for your photos.

K thanks and bye!