Skinny is an insult - Part 3

I guess this is gonna be a short post. Hopefully. Don't really want to blabber on a Sunday. Spoil mood.

Just wanna share what I follow in Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook for tips, quotes, inspirations and etc.

In Twitter/Instagram/Google+/Groups/Facebook:
@WomensHealthMag (In Google+, +Women's Health magazine )
@Shape_Magazine (In Google+, +SHAPE Magazine )
@FitnessMagazine (In Google, +FITNESS Magazine )
@FITNESS (IG: @fItness)
United Runners (South East Asia) 

You can find them by doing some search. Get some exercise tips and motivational quotes. That will keep you going. There are many sources that you can find online and most of them are near accuracy. So it depends whether you are into it or not. For me, I only believe what is necessary for me and what I think will fit me well. 

Enough for today. Anyway human beings are of the same kind. They can't be bothered with what others say and believe that they are doing the right thing. Yes so do I. Egosim. It is not just described on men but women too. This has gotta do with psychological defence. Trust me. It is going to be BINGO TRUE! 

There will be humans around saying 'Ya lah... You are correct lah. You are clever lah' those sort of thingy which is irritating plus superficial. It is either they are jealous, naive, ego, or I don't know what I can use to describe because basically they think that you are boastful. Hey come on. If you are unable to achieve, learn and be happy for others or maybe learn from them. Stop being so ego. Can't stand it. *roll eyes*

Some form of reverse psychology which they did might work on themselves or others. My assumption on that and you may not agree but I really don't care. I say what I wanna say. 

They may have their own set of thinking but OTHERS DO TOO. You may not agree to it but others may not agree to yours too. Think about it. What I have learnt from my studies especially through Ethics and Governance + Human Resource Development is that every single human being including myself is looking at each other and thinking what opinions others have on you and also you have on others. Vice versa. Hahahah... So psycho! How I wish I can study Psychology rather than be a Business student for so many years.

Whatever. Now since is my school term break, I shall do all my nonsensical thingy and be happy! Although I'm not happy at work. 

Not sure what to update for this post again. Maybe should do a before and after thingy of myself. Stay tune. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for my latest updates aka blabbering.