Skinny is an insult - Part 2

Bear with my blabbering for this one before I rest for the day. I making sure that this is yet another long blardy post. It is a continuous of my previous post, 'Skinny is an insult - Part 1' and if you haven't read it, do read up to piss yourself off if you are one of them. I don't care! Because I had enough!

Let me clarify this. When my title says 'Skinny is an insult', it is to me only. I don't bloody care who finds it offensive but I feel is an insult and offensive and judgmental. Try being call a SKINNY MONKEY when you ain't one.

After some thoughts, I conclude something and that is Skinny is meant for those Anorexic  bunch and Slim is a better word to use for those who really slim down from a plump them or tone up. And bloody hell I'm not any Anorexic lady! CRAZY! So go back study more before acting smart!!!

My friend once showed us the above picture and YES BLARDY HELL! THIS IS CALLED SKINNY. I mean the middle one.

And this is called Anorexic!!! Please blardy get this right. And I am not in both categories. Must I strip to let all see the fats in me to prove? No need right?

Seriously some admire those Victoria Secret's angels. I went googling and yes... Hot babes with hot bods. Okay they are tall but mi a 1.6m only. But that's what I want.

Okay lah. I have to admit some do work hard to achieve their ideal body like me. I don't deny that I am sometimes like that too. Like eat a lot and regret later. But I compensate back with running or stairs walking. Not satisfy about my body and weight, and etc. But I am more focus on body shape now because I want to flaunt a good and nice body. And this is partially caused by criticisms from friends too. Nothing special about my body. No butt no boobs. Nothing much to look at. See lah. This is the type of comments I can. Yup I have to accept it and work hard for a better shape than sitting there like a couch potato. Though is not very pleasing but these are the people that can motivate you to work harder and prove them that you can and they can't!!!

Let us discuss a bit about BUTT vs ASS.

The picture tells it all. So now you know what squats can do to your bottom right? And mind you. I'm proud to say that mine is in between. *flip hair* And don't ever tell me that mine is the one on the left!!!! *flip table* I'm confidence that I'm not. I'm trying to achieve the one on the right!!! I do see some of my friend with a raised butt. Still not perfect. Work hard together for a nice round butt which you can flaunt it wearing a hot shorts.

Or do you like this more? I will find it disgusting. With so much of cellulite to get rid of. OMG!!! The folds.... 

I think the toilet bowl seat cannot contain such big ass. Really. I think it can't contain a guy's face too!!!

I wanna say upfront first. I'm not against all these people because I am no better than anyone and not perfect at all. BUT BLARDY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! It concerns not only your image but your health. You do something about it, you save yourself and live longer to see the world. If not, sad to say that's it. Maybe some are happy about the way they are but sooner or later, problems creep in unknowingly. Health problems or being criticised by your loved ones. Because some people tends to don't care how their friends or others see them (I do care!) but when their loved ones comment on something, they will reflect. Yes your partner should accept who you are or what you are but if there is implication on health, I seriously think they should interfere. Some will say, 'Alright they can't accept the present me forget it then. Find another one.' Unless they are just the same like you do. If not, if you met someone with some social status, image is important. Yes... the way you present yourself is important, through your dressing, your way of speaking and etc. Even if you are comfortable with your current self, do exercise like brisk walking or just stroll with your loved ones or with your dog (if you have) after dinner as a way of bonding and exercising. Stop being lazy. If you do something about it even if is gonna prove your effort a little later, is better than nothin!!!!


If you think or like their shape, work for it. Don't just say 'I like their shape and not the skinny ones above' and do nothing to achieve it. Time management is important. Excuses are the daily dosage of laziness. I like the one with the nude set of lingerie. They are beautiful too.

As for health, I can say that mine is at the okay stage but not perfect. Working hard on that too with the appropriate nutrients intake. Currently I'm taking supplements recommended by my boyfriend.

I have been taking these for quite sometimes. Been years. And finally the effort pays off, especially from the Bak Foong pill of Eu Yan Sang. Like I'm finally nourished by consuming. My menses now quite on time or earlier by a few days. Takes blardy long time to get it right and it is really right now.

I recommend ladies to take Bak Foong pills. I always buy from Eu Yan Sang and become their member for the purpose. Ya lah I do purchase their other products too. Please note that they have two types, one is large pills and the other small pills. So if you are the sort who is uncomfortable with swallowing large pills, take the small ones like me. I had it once a week. There are different purpose which is described at the back of the box. So choose what you want but bear in mind, is not cheap. 6 bottles in a box. I usually buy them during good discounts. I am a stingy and cheapo lady. So what huh????

As for my Vit C and Iron, because I got sinus problem for damn long, way before I know my boyfriend and I know is not gonna cure so I just have enough dosage of Vit C and some fruits that contain Vit C. Iron is a must as we ladies lost blood once a month. Maybe through some food, you can absorb that too but not enough I guess. Aiya... bottomline is: JUST EAT EVERYTHING IN MODERATION AND PROPORTION. EAT HEALTHY. EAT CLEAN.

Hahaha manage to find this picture. If you play 4 pics 1 word, you should have saw this one.

Okay. I'm tired. Spend an hour on this post is enough!!!! I shall continue more on the next post, Part 3 of Skinny is an insult. Stay tune.

Come on. I'm the owner here. I say what I deem fit, right? Cheers to good health and nice bod!

Pictures credit: I google all images. Thank you to whoever around the globe that has all these images for me to do up this post. You are wonderful. Sorry if this post has offended anyone but is all my own opinions.