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So I came across some tweets in Twitter and was thinking that I should share with you peeps out there. More on fitness stuff. 

From @Fitness

Tweet One: 'Heres some math for ya. Cardio + Strength = HOT BOD'

My thoughts: Superb agree on that. Cool. Hot Bod! Not fleshy bod.

Tweet Two: 'Fitness has no end. Train like there is no finish line.'

My thoughts: Ya... This is forever.

Tweet Three: 'Diet, Exercise AND Mind are 3 components. Gotta believe it 2 get it.'

My thoughts: I have believed and will get it! *success baby meme*

Tweet Four: 'Run like you stole something!'

My thoughts: Hahaha... Timing will be damn good! Break the personal best.

Tweet Five: 'Skinny looks good in clothes but FIT and STRONG looks good NAKED.'

My thoughts: Ya right man! I like that! Get that in mind PEEPS!!!! Many people don't get that. That's sad and pathetic!

Tweet Six: 'Complaining didn't get you fat, so it isn't going to get you skinny. Operation self-discipline starts now.'

My thoughts: Well... some people just don't have those self-discipline. Ya they are living good. In their own world.

From @Women_Fit

Tweet One: 'Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is. - Linda Mastandrea'

My thoughts: Ya... Just go for it. Not just by being TOO FARKING REALISTIC!

Tweet Two: 'I do not run to add days to my life. I run to add life to my days.'

My thoughts: Ya I'm not married yet. My life revolves around work, exercise, parents, boyfriends and friends. Very soon a family of my own comes into pictures. So meanwhile I continue what my life is revolving around. I'm not a sad old bitch anyway.

Tweet Three: 'Your biggest opponent is the one in the mirror.'

My thoughts: Yourself.

So that's about it. I chose some of those influential quotes to share with you peeps, just in case you are not a Twitter users. 

My end note: Reflect on your life and make some minor changes to add sparks to your life.