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You might think is yet another food review. Yes it is but also a review of the service at Poulet Chinatown Point. I'm not trying to be too particular over trivial matter but this is a serious matter to me because is about payment for our meal and I'm not accepting that, whether you peeps out there can. Although they may have other more VALUABLE customers who will continue to patronise them, but for first timers like us, we will consider again before coming back to their restaurant. Okay maybe we are just unlucky. So next time we know that we try not anticipate too much on certain things. I have no doubt in their food but really, not their service.

I have been wanting to try the food at Poulet since Feb 2013 after my friend mentioned to us lots about the long queue and the signature dishes that she saw was kind of tempting. Well... finally I settled for the meal at Poulet last evening with my guy and I even get my guy to take out his Buddha pendant because he said not able to take beef with that on him. I also did some search on what are the recommended dishes to try and the reviews of Poulet from patrons and even food bloggers. There are positive and negative ones of course. Afterall, nothing is perfect. Anyway they serve French cuisine at affordable price. So quite excited about it.

As it was a Monday, so we were brought to our table immediately without having to wait. Lucky us. So we usually like to date on Mondays as it is especially good when my guy doesn't like crowded places and he will get real cranky about that.

We chose Escargot de Bourgogne ($8.80), Saute Wild Mushroom ($7.80), Oxtail de Bourguignon ($15.80) and their signature dish, Poulet Roti ($15.80) half size. We even asked for iced water but they don't serve for free. You have to purchase a bottle at $3.80 and we were fine with it so ordered 2 bottles.

First up (clockwise from left): Oxtail de Bourguignon ($15.80), Poulet Roti ($15.80) half size, Saute Wild Mushroom ($7.80).

Let's start with oxtail. 

The sauce was great! My guy love it so much. The meat is tender and tears easily as you chew. Ya it is chewy too. Just nice texture for both of us. My guy described it as melt in your mouth. Haha... But the amount of sauce is quite pathetic. According to their website, the oxtail are cooked in red wine sauce. No wonder the taste is good. And along side is onion and carrot.

Next is Poulet Roti .
Well... I will bluntly describe it as half a chicken dip in creamy sauce. How about that? The chicken tastes juicy and you won't tend to feel dry about the overall. The skin is tasty too but not as good as those stalls that sells roasted chicken rice. If only they can take away the creamy sauce and replace with something else. Or maybe the cream sauce can saute with some garlic. According to their website, is mushroom sauce. Weird combination anyway.

Next up. Saute Wild Mushroom. Top favourite and recommended.

Although it might not be their star or signature dish but is mine! I'm a mushroom lover and when mushrooms are saute, it brings out the aroma and taste damn good!!! I just can't stop eating. But I don't understand why an egg to go along. My guy had that. And the egg is certainly not hard-boiled egg type. It looks so jelly when you scoop it up. The egg yolk just flow out as you break it up. 

And last but not least, Escargot de Bourgogne. Recommended.
Normally I don't take all these but since my guy wanted to try, I just play along. First try and is damn good. I feel like I'm chewing on squid. Hahah... Very chewy and I'm not that afraid of it as it is covered with the necessary condiments on them. Half a dozen, worth the price. But it must be fresh before we can say is good. Yes it is fresh.

So normally before all the dishes are served, you will get your drinks first right? But when all our dishes are served up and we are half way through our meal, the 2 pathetic bottles of mineral water hasn't. So we were thinking that since that is the case, we shall grab a drink outside and when the bill comes, we shall get them to cancel that 2 pathetic bottles from our bill. I mean why should I ask for my water when I am going to pay for it and also already ordered from your waiter? You think we can't afford that 2 bottles of mineral water that will cost us $7.60 in total? Okay I give you the benefit of doubt. Either the waiter never get it right or can't be bothered. Fine!!! This will teach you a lesson. So this is just the first part of bad service.

The most infuriating part is the bill. Only when I'm home then I realise it. 

When we called for the bill, my guy mentioned to them that the water is not served which is obvious from our table. So the lady said will cancel from their bill. My guy hand the bill to me to go through. Guess what? Everything is correct except for the water part. They key in only 1 warm water when we wanted 2 bottles of mineral water. See the big difference? Lousy. So proceed with the payment along, together with my guy's card.

When my guy signed for the payment, he never mention anything to me so I assume is correct and in order. Usually he will keep the NETS receipt and I keep the original receipt. Happily we went off and even smile and say thank you to their staff. 

When I'm home, I took out the receipt to do some recording and as I go through the receipt, I was shocked! When did I order lamb shank, baguette and french onion soup? And there is 2 bottles of water charged to us still. And it costs us $57+. So I sms my guy to confirm his NETS receipt and he said what he signed for is $56+. What the heck is this? So I total up again based on their menu (that's the good thing about snapping menu) and together with GST and service tax, what my guy sign for is correct. I asked him to check if they return his card correctly. Yup luckily it is. 

So tell me about it! What kind of cashier they have to mix up such things? I hope they get screwed by the customers after we left because the receipts are messed up. Okay lah we pay the correct amount is good enough. What is there to complain? But is this kind of service acceptable? First you never serve the drinks and then you mix up the receipts, giving your customers the wrong one. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND IS LOUSY!!!

I want to say that again that I pinpoint on their service and not the food. Look at the people they hire and you will know. The young lady with a ponytail who serve our dishes is good. I like! But not the guy who took our orders but never serve up the water and also the same person who came with the wrong receipt. LOUSY!!!! Anyway we pay for our food. Not like those bloggers which they invited them for food tasting to get featured in their blog. Now is a trend. Social media platform for marketing of products and services.

So a lesson learnt. Check twice or thrice on your receipt and also if you get back your card correctly.

I don't want to spoil my week with that. Anyway is tummy satisfying. All 4 dishes shared with my guy. Thumbs up for no draggy tummy. The portion is decent.

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