Food Review | Dong Po Colonial Cafe

I wonder how my dad manage to find all these very nostalgic cafes. He has good resource in this area. So everytime I know all these stuff from him. And this Dong Po Colonial Cafe is superb new to me. He went and bought back some cakes.

Do check out their Facebook page

Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198904
Tel: 6298 1318

As I browse their FB page, so many types of nice puffs, tarts and cupcakes. OMG!!! Their theme is kind of like reminiscence and saving the French type of pastry or cakes from vanishing. And they are featured on the papers too. I think that is how my dad got to know. Damn it. The place where my dad worked is so near to many nice cafes. Heard from my dad that the cafe is quite modernized type, I think should be just like Chye Seng Huat Hardware. Yes it is a bar, coffeeshop and restaurant. Check out their Facebook page at I haven't been to CSH too. Must go!!!!

Well I had the one with a cherry on top this morning for breakfast. The cream, icing and cherry add to the sweetness overall. The cake itself is quite crisp. I wanted that chocolate one but my dad have it himself. Fine!

Personally, I really want to go there to see for myself. And not always rely on my dad to buy back. No feel at all. 

So that's about it. A short post on a new found cafe.