Skinny is an insult - Part 4

I post on some tweets previously and I think is quite motivating. Some may think that 'Hey! Get a life. Stop influencing others with what u know from other sources! Be yourself!'.

I must really say that these people are so ignorance. Think about. 

From young, who teach and guide us along the way? Answer is our parents. They teach us in our studies, they guide us getting on the right path, tell us what is right and wrong and we just follow. If we don't follow, get whack or things we do will go wrong. Am I right to say that? Okay I must also consider those whose parents are too busy for them to teach and guide them from young. And usually they are with their domestic helper or grandparents. But please... our grandparents will also pinpoint at us for wrongdoings if it's gonna harm us. I know nowadays children are too pampered. Yup I see it with my own eyes every weekends at my guy's house. But still, when the children did something wrong, they still get scolded, no matter how pampered they are.

Next. In school, who guide us through out the 6 years in Primary, 4-5 years in Secondary, 1-2 years in ITE, 3-5 years in Polytechnic, 2 years in Junior College, 4-5 years in University and etc? Answer is our teachers or lecturers. They teach us knowledge, we absorb whatever we can. Different teachers/lecturers have different amount of knowledge to impart to us so many of us have different views. Like we used different ways to solve a Mathematics problem. So get it now? How we are influence/motivate by others? Even in nursery and kindergarten too. Last time during my days, we don't need to learn Hanyu Pinyin until Primary School. Now they have to. 

At work, who guide us on what to do? Answer is our superiors and colleagues. Different companies have different settings. You are asked to adapt to such culture in one company and you have to re-adapt to another culture when you join a new company. Who are the people behind the scenes that causes these? Your superiors and colleagues. They told you that this should be the way and thus you follow, even if you think is not right or you are uncomfortable with it. Even if you try to change something which yes, you did it but your boss will appreciate or not? They won't. They will jolly well take advantage of what you have change and set it as a protocol without crediting you. I mean in some cases, they do credit you through announcement or bonus. ONE TIME ONLY! And the change you make will continue influence the next batch of people after you left the company (if you ever). 

So who says that you should be yourself and not listening to others? What kind of knowledge would you have without others? You are simply just a zero person. If you have your own mindset that is not accepted by the society, you failed. Your own mindset comes from many influences to arrive an unique piece of yours. Okay... I give all a benefit of doubt. Sometimes you may be right but there is wrong times too. 

So what is wrong by reading on those tweets that can motivate me to be a better person? If reading the tweets can help me achieve something, why not? It is all about you, whether you want to do it or not. Conquer the laziness in you. Everytime I'm told to be contented with what I have. Yup I'm happy with what I have right now. But if I still have the ability and capability to achieve more, why not? It is not that being contented now is bad. It is just that you will stay put in this way forever when others are advancing. I can say that nobody is contented. Once you get this thing, you want more. Like if you have this amount of money, you want more! Because money can finish easily and is never enough. 

Whatever. I just gotta ignore those people. I'm not gonna be pulled down by such people anymore. If not, is disastrous. 

I read an article at Yahoo! and found it quite meaningful. I know is out of topic but this post, I'm gonna talk about influences and motivation.

Okay you should read this link which I think is quite true.

Is all about '10 deadly sins that keep you poor'

First, they talk about Credit and Debit cards. Actually I don't really agree on the debit card part because is our cash too. Just that we don't need to draw cash out. However, is quite true that we should ditch the habit of using any cards for cash. When you see that your wallet is empty with no cash, SHUT UP AND GO HOME!

Next. Emotional shopping. This happens to me sometimes and I always will regret after that. But some occasions, I can tide it off. They call it Retail Therapy. Unless I am loaded, if not buying those stuff that I end up not using is a waste. Now I'm cleverer.

Entitlement shopping. I think most of us are like that. Spoil brats can be seen. 'I must eat good ones. I don't like hawker centre Xiao Long Bao, I want Din Tai Feng type. I want cakes from Awfully Chocolate and not those cheapskate cakes from shophouse bakery.' Yes this is just some examples. I must say that the real good food comes from those hawker centres and some are passed down generations. Who says that expensive ones are good? Like I had dinner at Din Tai Feng before and different outlets different standards and it sucks. Either the skin of Xiao Long Bao too thick or the fillings are so pathetic. So sad. I pity those who don't know where real good food comes from, even though I'm not good at that but I'm told by others and I will want to try. You never see my food reviews are either using vouchers or cheapo or v budget type meh?  And also who says you can't get nice and delicious cakes from shophouse's bakery? And is not cheap too. So think about it.

Peer pressure. Yes I really want to emphasize on this. I'm fine to have cheapskate look or whatsoever. I still spend. And is whether a lot or little. But end of the day, I still spend. Nothing is free. So why should I care? Like now the place that I work has lots of nice and cheap food. So I just have them all for lunch. You want pasta or western food, they have. You want ayam penyet, they have. Yong tau foo, they have. Desserts and juices, they have. Malay food, they have. Indian food, they have. You want Japanese food they also have. Want Starbucks or Subway, here have too. So????? What's the big deal? So you should see around, listen to the right advice or be influenced the correct way and is good enough. Money is just too important in Singapore because everywhere is about money and even going to public toilets also need money. Pathetic right? That's why Singaporean can't smile. Too stress. I must admit I also can't smile always because I'm too stress.

Addictions can be expensive. I do agree on that and I have long time no club and I pray that I don't need to be asked to go club. Want to drink, drink at food centre lah. Cheap and happy. Can eat a lots of nice food too. I can't have this type of expensive life as in must have meals at restaurants or at least a cafe. My this indulgence is once a week with my guy. The rest is on my own, either home-cooked or cheap food. Even if you go for lunch at Fish & Co Express or Subway is considered cheap within my work place. So this is my cheap indulgence.

A victim of the media. Quite true. Nowadays, who will want to go out with parents for a leisure walk? Who will have the patience to stay at home whole day without a step of your door? Who will find the pleasure of staying at home, accompanying your parents even if no conversations which actually will please them a lot? I can really say, hardly. Most of us have to step out of the house to the malls. For me, is once awhile thingy. But mostly if no dates on weekdays evening, I can't wait to head home for a run and after that rest, watch tv shows with my parents. Now I have changed my mind too. I decided to spend even more time with my parents especially when there is public holidays or when my guy has to work on weekends. I will suggest going out with them for a leisure walk to somewhere for explorations and even museums. Tomorrow is another outing with them. Photo-shooting too. So peeps, do think about it on this.

Self worth is completely dependent on what you have. I can say that I'm in the midst of achieving that. Till I achieve, I will show off or flaunt it. Hahahaha... Ya some might say I have already show off even without having something. Yup. I show off my achievement in slimming down and I show off my filial piety plus I show off my good boyfriend who is not perfect but accepted my flaws, with me too accepting his flaws as I'm not perfect neither.

No plan. I think this is deadly. Spend as you want. Do as you want. Kind of freedom but no assurance. I'm scared of that. I'm most scared when I have no savings. Damn scared. So don't fall in this category.

No understanding of investment concepts. I bought those investment plans with insurance coverage. Yes I know nuts about investments and I just buy for the sake of buying and supporting friends. Sighz. I just hope I can benefit from it if ever (touchwood) something happens to me.

One more load won't matter. No way! I having my study loan and clearing by end of 2013. I hate to be in debts. Farking hate! Just like credit card bills. Is a debt. I don't like!!!!! I hope I have enough to pay for renovation without taking loans for my new flat. *fingers crossed*

So I have come to an end for this post. Kind of long-winded and out of topic but what I wanted to emphasize is that there are many influences out there waiting for you and also for you to determine which one is appropriate to heed and don't ever say that you have your own mindset because you are a zero person if nobody guides you or influences you. You can never have your own mindset without having influences from all sources out there. 

K bye. I done!