Food Review | Au Chocolat + Ladies Night Out

I wanna try out my new Canon DSLR and so I finally settled for a place with the ladies at Au Chocolat at MBS.

I read a lot of reviews about Au Chocolat and decided to try. My mind is all about Truffle fries and Duck Confit. I shall not say more and let my photos do the talking.

Skinny Monkey Caller No. 1

Our drinks. Her tea, I think is English Breakfast ($10) or Earl Grey ($10) and my Mango Smoothie ($12). Brain freeze for me on this smoothie. Wow...

The Mushroom Bites $14 -  My love for mushroom cannot be described by just this. I love mushrooms and my fren loves it too. This is too small a portion for us. Cannot!!! The sauce blends in so well. Just like braised mushroom our mummies will cook at home. Hahaha... On the side, they provide bread which seems like garlic bread to me, complete with their so-called jam. We put the mushroom on top of the bread to try instead of using their JAM. Good. But purely the mushroom is even better. The mushrooms are damn soft. Every bite, the sauce or juice that sips into just burst out! Nom nom... 

Okay... The truffle fries is damn good. Please have it while it is still hot. It is soft in the inside and crispy on the outside. That's why I said must eat fast while it is hot! The smell of truffle oil is just irresistible. I want more please! Can I just have truffle fries as my main course? Haha... They sprinkle sea salt over it. I heard sea salt are better than regular salt. Gotta find out more on that. 

Skinny Monkey Callers No. 1 & 2
Skinny Monkey Callers No. 1 & 2

All our orders in the photo except truffle fries. Why? It is finished. Time for mains and is shared between us. Share the fats.

A closer look at it. All I wanna start with is Duck Confit. From the look of it, so crispy right? So the reviews I read shouldn't be wrong. 

I damn nit lots of chance to snap more for improvement. I think these are the best of so many I snap. 

Okay and the two Skinny Monkey Callers are the ones who drove me into writing my previous post on Skinny is an insult - Part 1. Thanks a lot.

Shall review the food at Openrice Singapore.