Food Review | Pho Stop

First of all, I would like to thank +OpenRice Singapore for Pho Stop dining voucher worth SGD30 that I have won in one of their lucky draws. I must be very thankful because I never won anything in any kinds of lucky draws like for many years, I think 10 over years and this year I'm not sure but I feel a little bits of luck coming back to me *fingers crossed*. 

So finally I have found a good time before the expiry date to have a good dinner with my boyfriend at Pho Stop. If you are asking where is Pho Stop, it is located at Tanjong Pagar area, near to Maxwell Food Centre.

The address is:

Pho Stop
21 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088444
Tel: 6221 4001

The nearest MRT will be Tanjong Pagar Station. Walking distance about 10 mins. From what I know, that stretch of shophouses is where many bridal shops gather. And there is food outlets there too. 

Going there is easy because I worked in that area before. As you walk, you will see the nice architecture of those shophouses in different colours. Do take a walk and snap some photos for leisure. It is nice and not easy to find in Singapore because it is usually situated in places where is not very convenience unless you drive.

From Tanjong Pagar MRT, I walk another exit which leads me to Red Dot. But just outside the station is Maxwell Chambers. Well I miss this place. Been 2 years since I left that company.

Ta-da across the road after Maxwell Chamber is Red Dot. Inside this building, lots of artistic stuff. If I remember correctly, there is a record company in there which our Singapore singer, JJ Lin is from. I'm not sure if still valid but anyway that was what I know in the past.

Across the road is yet another building. This is where the famous restaurant Moi Lum is. Wanna try some nice Chinese cuisine, head there. Add to your list of choice for Chinese cuisine. I forgot what is the name of this building. I think is Airview something something. Not sure. Try your luck. Is just opposite URA Centre.

Beside Maxwell House is Murray Terrace. I love the exterior of this building. Don't know how to describe. 

So here we are outside Pho Stop.

Opposite, across the road is the stretch of shophouses with colours unique on its own. 

From far, you can see Pinnacles @ Duxton. 

At the back alley of Pho Stop, you can see spiral staircases for each unit. To me is quite unique and my last photography trip to Tiong Bahru, there is also. Can spot it easily.

I think let's get down to real business. Instead of food review, I am reviewing Tanjong Pagar. Very badass me. And pardon me for low quality shots. Some from my phone and some from my digi-cam. I'm not saying my digi-cam is bad or lousy after I got my DSLR. I still love every single camera I have. 

Pho Stop seems small but kind of spacious. I remember the previous of that unit should be something like Toast Box, Ya Kun or don't know what. Quite good business too. I mean during lunch hours. Now this space has been taken up by Pho Stop. I never know is so convenience and I don't need to search high and low. Just opposite Maxwell Food Centre, behind Murray Terrace.

Not crowded when we were there. So we were seated and the staff serve up iced water immediately along with the menu.

Let me show you a little of the environment of Pho Stop.

I like the bar. So cool. A mixture of restaurant and bar. So you may want a drink after a meal at the bar. They have variety to choose from. But please, don't drive after you drink. Be considerate towards others.

See the chalkboard?? You can choose either red or white wine. Not bad right? They have Popsicles too. But not very interested at that moment, even with the humid weather.

The setting is like school canteen right? But in school is benches. I don't know how a primary or secondary school canteen look like now after leaving that place for many years. Canteen style. Look more suitable for gatherings in big group probably. The pictures on the wall is so Vietnamese. 

So we ordered those recommended ones by bloggers and those reviewers from +OpenRice Singapore and I hope it really taste good. I mean sometimes it depends on individual's taste bud. 

Grilled Pork Chop Dry Noodles - $9.20 ♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥

I chose this for my guy. To me, it looks nice and tasty especially the pork chop. The little bits of charred makes it look so irresistible. But my guy throw me a disgusted face.  He said that the taste is bland. The smell of vegetables is very strong. Okay that is a sauce provided and it seems like he should pour into the noodles or for dipping of pork chop. But he said the sauce is salty and just like light soya sauce. 

This is how my guy mix his noodles.
On a lighter note, without any sauce, it is quite a healthy choice. Because the taste is not strong like other types of dry noodles with those mixed sauce to enhance the overall taste. Here for this noodles, ladies won't feel guilty after eating. Portion is quite decent. It states in the menu $8.90/$9.20 but we never ask if there is different sizes so they just serve a bigger portion, I guess.

Hanoi Chicken Pho - $7.50 ♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥

I had this and it tastes quite salty. It is either I'm heaty from within or it really tastes salty. And how come got small bubbles? Inside is mainly shredded chicken, noodles that looks like kway teow to me and spring onion. Basically I am having a expensive kway teow noodles which I probably will get at hawker centre with a price less than that. Not worth.

Vietnamese Fish Cake - $6.60 ♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥

Probably it looks tempting but from the outside, you can see how oily it is and maybe you can witness the oiliness on their plate. The smell of lemongrass is very strong, salty and oily. But on the bright side, the overall taste is good but hopefully minus away the oiliness and saltiness. Maybe you want to try dipping the chilli sauce. We are not really a sauce person on some occasion.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls - $5.00 ♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥

Okay. Is oily on the outside. The same like I mention for fish cakes. But the fillings is good though. Quite suit my palate but still it is salty. *Sigh* The skin is crispy but I feel the skin is kind of like not fresh. When you talk about crispiness, is really crispy and you can even hear the crunchy sound. This one, I don't and is quite hard to bite and tear apart. 

The bill comes up to $30+ and luckily we have the voucher so actually we are paying the taxes only.

So overall, is a good attempt in trying Vietnamese food. But I do find that their food is more of either too bland or too salty. And to suit Singaporean's taste bud, they can probably be in the middle of it. Nevertheless, you may want to try it, especially for those working nearby because like I say, it depends on individual's taste bud. You may find it nice but some may not.

In order to adapt to their food for my future trip to Vietnam, I shall try other restaurants till I'm really used to it.