YO YO Time!

After a day at work, finally is my free time.  Drop by JE to stock up sweets.  Yes!  His Fisherman's Friend.  Got it cheaper there.  Went in NTUC to find healthy snacks to stock up in the office.  For myself. Yes!  Selfish indeed but if others don't care for themselves, why should I?  Hahahah anyway, nobody cares about mi neither.

I bought my cherry tomatoes for $1.50. Yeah!!! Hooray...!  That's my snack at work.

At home?  Well... I was searching for something that I want at the Yoghurt section.  In the end, this salesperson approached me and recommend me to grab the value pack of Marigold Yoghurt.  Pack in a sandwich box, it contains 4 x 90g little tub.  So cute.  Comes in 4 different flavours: Natural, Strawberry, Fruit Salad and Peach. Price at $2.95. Why not?  I'm a yoghurt lover.  Loving it to every bits.  So do search for it in NTUC the next time u drop by.  Not sure where else is selling.  Enjoy your YO yo Yo YOghurt Time!