Culinary | Egg Mayo - My 1st Attempt

Hey there!  After consulting my colleagues on how to make egg mayo, I finally did it last night and succeeded!  Though still have to do a few more times to get the right balance taste, but is a nice try.
I gather the ingredients: Kraft Miracle Whip and eggs.  Recommended this Miracle Whip by my colleague.  I am so lucky getting it at petrol station which my colleague said not all NTUC has it. This shows that I must do this egg mayo cos is simple and sure gonna succeed.

My hard boiled egg.  First I boiled the water before putting in the eggs. After that I let the eggs be cooked in the boiled water for 10 mins. Once done, I took it out for cooling about 5 mins before cracking it.  So excited!

And yes!  After cracking and peeling off the egg shells, I used a fork to squash it evenly.  My bro said that if there is a blender, can just throw in instead of me do the squashing... Wahahha... But I enjoy it!

Lastly, I mix the squashed eggs with mayo (a tablespoon, which I think is a little too much) and pepper (I think I put too little).  And here you go... My homemade egg mayo sandwich is up!  I never taste it myself but I let my bro, dad and mum to be the guinea pigs.  And is good!  Except for my mum who never dare tried out all this stuff.  But I'm good.  The balance of the egg mayo, I put in a box and fridge it!  Woohoo... My breakfast!  And I'm definitely gonna get my guy to try later on.  *Bleah*